Disaster Support

Support for the World Food Programme (WFP)©WFP/Michael Tewelde

We support WFP which provides emergency food aid around the world.

Aid to Areas Affected by Major Natural Disasters

We make donations and provide supplies when major disasters occur in Japan and overseas.

Support Related to COVID-19 Infection

We responded to and supported various social issues that arose from COVID-19 infection.

Support for the Great East Japan Earthquake

Immediately after the earthquake, various support activities were carried out in response to needs.

Support for the World Food Programme (WFP)

With the hope of alleviating hunger and poverty worldwide, we have been serving as a supporter of the Japan Association for the World Food Programme. This is a nonprofit organization that focuses on building support in Japan for the World Food Programme (WFP) - the only United Nations organization to provide food support. In addition, ITOCHU’s CAO Mr. Kobayashi serves as a board member of the United Nations World Food Programme Association and ITOCHU’s Food Company President Mr. Miyamoto serves as an advisor. Many employees participate in the WFP Walk the World, a campaign to eradicate child hunger in developing countries, every year.

Turkey-Syria Earthquake Emergency Assistance

In view of the magnitude of the damage caused by the Turkey-Syria earthquake, ITOCHU donated 10 million yen to the WFP World Food Programme for emergency food assistance in the field. We received a certificate of appreciation for this assistance directly from the Parliamentary Union for WFP and Japan Association for the WFP.

From left, Mr. So Aoki, Executive Director, Japan Association for the WFP; Mr. Masahiro Komura, Representative of the Parliamentary Union for WFP; Mr. Kobayashi; Mr. Sakon Yamamoto, Executive Director of the Parliamentary Union.

Aid to Areas Affected by Major Natural Disasters

For humanitarian reasons, we donate money and provide supplies for emergency relief for those affected by natural disasters both in Japan and overseas.
We collaborated with local branch offices and related organizations to provide the following aid.

Examples of Recent Donations

2024 Noto Peninsula Earthquake (Jan. 2024)


Turkey-Syria Earthquake WFP support (Mar. 2023)


Turkey-Syria Earthquake (Feb. 2023)


Pakistan Floods (June. 2022)


Torrential Rains in July 2020 (Jul. 2020)


The Wake of the Australian Wildfire Damage (Jan. 2020)

AUS$200,000 (Approx. ¥15,000,000)

Typhoon No. 19 (Oct. 2019)


Earthquake on Sulawesi Island in Central Indonesia (Oct. 2018)

500,000,000 INR (Approx. ¥3,810,000)

Hokkaido Eastern Iburi Earthquake (Sep. 2018)


Torrential Rains in July 2018 (Jul. 2018)


Earthquake Disaster in Northern Osaka (Jun. 2018)


Support Related to COVID-19 Infection

Tablets Donated to Special Needs Students

ITOCHU Corporation donated tablets, installed with digital books in the Multimedia DAISY (Digital Accessible Information System) international standard used by the ITOCHU Foundation, to special needs education schools in Tokyo and all other elementary and junior high schools in Minato City. We did this for children enduring school closures, restrictions on going outside and the cancelation of school activities due to COVID-19. In FYE 2021, we made donations to special needs schools in Tokyo and all elementary and middle schools in Minato City. In FYE 2022, we made donations to all municipal libraries and all special needs schools in Shiga Prefecture, as well as the Shiga Prefectural Education Center.
Multimedia DAISY is a digital book. People with difficulty reading due to disabilities can enjoy reading this digital book with their eyes and ears on PCs and tablets. It is possible to see pictures and photographs on the screen while listening to the text by audio.
We hope to share the joy and fun of learning through Multimedia DAISY, and to ensure that no children with reading difficulties are left behind, even during the COVID-19 crisis.

Please see hereOpen in a new window (Japanese only) for details on the ITOCHU Foundation.

Sharing of Operational Know-how Regarding Workplace COVID-19 Vaccinations

In accordance with government policy, ITOCHU Corporation administered a total of four workplace COVID-19 vaccinations in FYE 2022 and FYE 2023. In the spirit of our corporate mission, “Sampo-yoshi,” the vaccination program at ITOCHU sites was not limited to ITOCHU Corporation employees, but was open to all employees of Group companies working at the Tokyo and Osaka head office buildings, employees of contractors in reception, security, cleaning, and cafeteria operations at the Tokyo head office building, and others who requested the vaccinations, such as childcare workers through Poppins Corporation, ITOCHU’s childcare management vendor.
In total, approximately 17,000 vaccinations were completed successfully, without wasting vaccines and without affecting local medical services.
In the course of the program, we immediately disclosed all information containing an operation manual and covering operational issues as public records in corporate official website.

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Blood Drives at the Tokyo Headquarters and Branches

In FYE 2021, the amount of blood collected for transfusions dropped significantly in Japan because the COVID-19 pandemic led to government requests to avoid going outdoors and due to the cancellation of blood donation events. This was a serious problem. To help address this problem for the public, ITOCHU Corporation ran blood drives at the Tokyo Headquarters as well as branches and offices. They were carefully organized, with arrangements including ventilation, sanitation, and social distancing. A total of 279 employees assisted.

In December 2020, we received the Tokyo Red Cross Blood Donation Center Director Award from the Japanese Red Cross Society for our proactive blood drives in the COVID-19 pandemic. In July 2021, our many years of meritorious service in blood drives since 1999, as well as our contributions of blood during the pandemic, were recognized when we were chosen to receive a certificate of appreciation from the Minister of Health, Labour, and Welfare for distinguished service through blood donations in 2021.