Humanitarian Assistance

Support for the Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction

We undertake long-term support for the reconstruction of areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake that struck in March 2011.

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Disaster Relief for Kumamoto Earthquake

In April 2016, we made a donation of 10 million yen to Japan Platform, an international emergency humanitarian aid organization, for disaster relief in respect of damage caused by the earthquake in Kyushu area centering on Kumamoto prefecture. Money donated to this organization is distributed to member NGOs and used for direct onsite support to ensure efficient, prompt emergency aid in the event of a natural disaster.
In addition, during April 18 to 27, we carried out emergency employee fundraising to support the earthquake disaster relief effort in Kumamoto and collected 2,565,754 yen. The company matched the same amount received from employees and donated the total of 5,131,508 yen to the Central Community Chest of Japan. The money will be divided between the community chest of Kumamoto prefecture and its counterpart in Oita prefecture in accordance with the level of the damage, sent to them, and distributed directly to people affected by the disaster via local governments of the affected areas.
In response to a request from Kumamoto City, we provided relief goods needed in affected areas for people in shelters by early May. They include 1,200 portable toilets, 1,700 pieces of underwear and innerwear, and 1,000 pillows (featuring the use of PrimaLoft® that was adopted by U.S. Army and Navy for protection against cold in cold regions).
In addition, in July, or about three months after the disaster, employees from Kyushu Branch joined together with disaster volunteers. At the houses of individuals who were affected by the disaster, the employee volunteers took out furniture and household goods, disposed of them, and cleared the area around each house.

Aid to Areas Affected by Major Natural Disasters

For humanitarian reasons, we donate money and provide supplies for emergency relief for those affected by natural disasters both in Japan and overseas.
We collaborated with local branch offices and related organizations to provide the following aid.

Recent examples

Ecuador Earthquake (Apr. 2016)

US$20,000 (Approx. ¥2,130,000)

Kumamoto Earthquake (Apr. 2016)


Damages from heavy rainfall which resulted from Typhoon No.18 (Typhoon Etau) (Sept. 2015)


Nepal Earthquake (Apr. 2015)


Torrential rainfall in Hiroshima (Aug. 2014)


China: earthquake in Yunnan (Aug. 2014)

300,000 RMB (Approx. ¥5,130,000)