Action Plan

Risks Opportunities
  • Decline in credibility that would result from the occurrence of a problem related to the safety or health of consumers and service users.
  • Increase in demand for food safety and security and health improvement.
  • Establishment of safe, stable supply system for product enabled by the consideration of human rights and improvement of work environment in the supply chain.
  • Winning customer trust or creating new businesses with a stable supply of environmentally friendly resources and materials. And others.
Materiality SDGs Targets Issues to address Business area Commitment Specific approach Performance indicators Degree of Progress
Textile Company
  • Respect human rights
Establishing a supply chain reflecting consideration for human rights and the environment Supply chain management We will promote information-sharing in the overall Group and establish a safe, secure supply chain, thereby helping customers with risk reduction and contributing to sustainable economic development. Make Group-wide efforts to review the social and environmental safety of the supply chain and make improvements as necessary, thereby promoting the establishment of a safe, secure commodity supply system. FYE 2024: Establish and visualize the supply chain of the overall Group, from material procurement to sales, to ensure a responsible procurement policy. In FYE 2019 we conducted an investigation of 50 of our suppliers from the standpoint of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria. In FYE 2020 we plan to increase this to 80 companies, and continue to work to establish a healthy supply chain.
Ensure stable procurement and supply
Provision of commodities that help achieve a sustainable lifestyle Brand marketing business We will contribute to increasing the visibility of a sustainable lifestyle by taking advantage of our strengths as a marketing company. Raise awareness of an ethical, sustainable lifestyle through brand business, thereby promoting awareness-raising not only in the overall industry but also among consumers. FYE 2021 : Take initiatives with new brands. Have a sustainable lifestyle understood and instilled more widely. This has not led to closing any contracts on a new brands that appeal to ethical lifestyles. But we see a need in the market and are continuing to work to achieve this.
Machinery Company
Contribute to healthier and more enriched lifestyles
Promoting good health among people Sales of leading-edge medical devices and provision of medical services We aim to improve quality of life by providing leading-edge medical devices and advanced medical services in the field of medical care, where technologies are innovated rapidly. Promote sales of advanced medical devices, such as MRI-guided radiation therapy systems, and the business of supporting the operation of designated regional cancer care hospitals. Increase the penetration of advanced medical devices in Japan, such as MRI-guided radiation therapy systems. We delivered radiation therapy equipment to Edogawa Hospital in August 2018, our second facility in Japan after the National Cancer Center Hospital in March 2017. We are pursuing collaborative research with National Cancer Center to establish national standard treatment. Also, with equipment's new technology, we are able to challeng for pancreatic cancer as well as other intractable cancers.
Metals & Minerals Company
  • Ensure stable procurement and supply
Sustainable mine development that reflects consideration of the risks in occupational safety and health and environmental risks, and that contributes to local communities Mining business
  • We will promote sustainable development of natural resources by fully committing to EHS (environment, health, occupational safety) and harmonious coexistence with local communities in areas which we operate.
  • We will improve local infrastructure such as medical care and education.
  • Ensure the thorough application of the EHS guidelines.
  • Contribute to local communities through activities for improving medical care, education and infrastructure.
  • Implementation of annual internal seminars to ensure our employees are fully aware of the EHS guidelines.
  • Donations to medical care, education and build infrastructure in local communities.
  • We held internal EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) training courses for supervisors and company employees belonging to sections engaged in resource development. The attendance rate of those subject to this training was 100%.
  • In FYE 2019, we checked five existing projects and one new project under EHS guidelines using the check sheet, and set follow-up items.
  • We carried out CSR activities that contribute to the local community as part of each project we invest in.
  • As an original initiative, our Australian subsidiary, ITOCHU Minerals & Energy Australia Pty. Ltd., co-sponsored citizen awards in the communities surrounding the port of our iron ore projects.
Energy & Chemicals Company
Contribute to healthier and more enriched lifestyles
Promoting good health among people Pharmaceutical products Contributing to the improvement of people’s health and working environment through accelerating the development of pharmaceuticals and other products in fields with significant needs including cancer-related fields. Actively promoting to support the development and marketing of new pharmaceutical and other products. Aiming to obtain approvals in Asia and North America for new pharmaceutical and other products of which we are engaged in supporting the development, and to launch them into the market.
  • In May 2018, our operating company began selling non-absorptive liquid for protecting oral mucositis, under the approval we received for the production and distribution of medical device in Japan. (This liquid control and relief pain of oral mucositis caused by chemotherapy or radiotherapy when treating diseases such as cancer.) In February 2019 we also gained approval for the production and distribution of medical device in China with regards to the same medicine.
  • We began full-scale sales of the pain reliever in North America after acquiring FDA approval through our operating company in February 2018.
Food Company
Contribute to healthier and more enriched lifestyles
Supplying safe, secure food Overall food-related businesses We will select and concentrate on suppliers who are capable of manufacturing and supplying safe, secure food stably. Increase the number of persons with international certifications/qualifications related to judgment on the Food Safety Management System (FSMS) to enhance the capability of human resources for selecting suppliers. Proceed with the appropriate allocation of human resources as judges mentioned on the left to business departments, with the leading role played by the food safety management organization of ITOCHU Corporation. In FYE 2019 three more personnel were certified as ISO22000 Provisional Auditors. We expect a similar increase in the qualified personnel in next fiscal year.
  • Respect human rights
Establishing a supply chain reflecting consideration for human rights and the environment Provisions We will establish a procurement system that conforms to third-party certification criteria and unique codes of conduct of manufacturers as our customers.
  • Start procuring coffee beans in Latin America in a way that conforms to the unique codes of conduct of manufacturers as our customers.
  • Participate in conferences of RSPO, a third-party certification body on palm oil, and start supplying RSPO-certified oil.
Proceed with discussions of targets for the sustainable procurement of palm oil by collaborating with the trading industry organization based on customers' situations and industry trends. By 2025 we aim to switch the palm oil we handle to sustainable palm oil (RSPO/MSPO/ISPO, etc.). On the basis of the industry trends and customers' circumstances, we are going to improve our procurement system to provide sustainable palm oil with industry groups.
General Products & Realty Company
Ensure stable procurement and supply
Using sustainable forest resources
  • Wood products & materials
  • Pulp
  • Woodchips
We deal in sustainable forest resources to reduce the impact on the environment and prevent the increase of greenhouse gases.
  • Continue to request suppliers who have yet to obtain certifications to obtain them.
  • Conduct sustainability surveys of suppliers and visit them.
FYE 2026: Aim to achieve a rate of 100% for materials under high-level management or certified ones that we handle.

We also continue to carry out the following for suppliers

  • Verifying traceability by conducting individual on-site inspections
  • Expanding the handling of products subject to "timber traceability verification by third-party organizations.
Realization of sustainable supply of natural rubber Natural Rubber We shall use our best efforts to establish measures to identify any suppliers developing on High Conservation Value (HCV) areas, High Carbon Stock (HCS) areas and peatland, in order to avoid procuring rubber from them. We will establish a traceability system to make uncertain raw material procurement supply chain tranceparet. We aim to procure raw materials with traceability and sustainability ensured in natural rubber processing business. * Because of new commitment, review will be conducted from the next fiscal year.
ICT & Financial Business Company
Contribute to healthier and more enriched lifestyles
Promoting good health among people
  • Business of clinical development support and pharmaceutical marketing support
  • Business of providing health care management solutions for individuals
We will provide value-added services for pharmaceuticals and medical sites, and will contribute to improvement of people's Quality Of Life (QOL) by utilizing cutting-edge ICT tools. Store and utilize health data obtained from health checkup, wearable devices, and body composition scales. FYE 2021: Managing the health data of 1,000,000 people. The number of people targeted for health data management is increasing steadily, and is projected to reach 700,000 people by the end of FYE 2019. We are helping to promote people's health by working to make vital data visible and increasing health consciousness.