Social Contribution Activities in Minato City

ITOCHU Corporation is engaged in activities that contribute to the local community in Minato City, the location of its Tokyo headquarters.
In the spirit of ITOCHU’s founding corporate philosophy of “Sampo-yoshi (good for the seller, good for the buyer, and good for society),” we are contributing to the community (good for society).

Art Exhibition on the First Floor of the Tokyo Head Office

ITOCHU Corporation started displaying art by people with disabilities on the first floor of its Tokyo Head Office in April 2023.
In conjunction with World Autism Awareness Day on April 2, we began by displaying paintings by autistic people, and we have subsequently been displaying paintings by all types of people with disabilities. The supervision is Nijiiro no Kaze, a non-profit organization operating in Minato City. This initiative, which supports the social involvement of people with disabilities through art, is in line with the SDGs principle “leave no one behind.” Consistent with our philosophy, we are contributing to the “Community Contribution” and “Growth of Future Generations” elements of our Basic Activity Guidelines on Social Contribution.

Main entrance of the Tokyo Head Office
Meticulously drawn with colored pencils

Tablets Donated to Special Needs Students

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Initiatives with Aoyama Elementary School

Students Visited ITOCHU Corporation for Site Visit

The Tokyo Head Office hosts an annual field trip for third graders from Aoyama Elementary School. The purpose of this class is to deepen the students’ understanding of the city they live in by viewing it from above. The students are given a tour from the 22nd floor reception hall, a high-rise floor of the Tokyo Head Office, and the 21st floor conference room, looking to the east, west, south, and north, with Aoyama Elementary School in the center.
In FY2023, we explained about ITOCHU’s business activities and also introduced the staff who support us, such as receptionists, security guards, cleaners, and special cafeteria of Palace Hotel, and showed how they actually work.

Students touring in the north side
Window cleaning by gondola

Vocational Lectures

In November 2023, we held a vocational lecture at Aoyama Elementary School as part of career education for 6th graders. Based on the theme of “What is it like to work?”, we explained about ITOCHU’s business activities and the concept of meaningful work at ITOCHU.

Collection of Unneeded Notebooks for Donation

In October 2023, an “unneeded notebook collection box” was placed at the employee entrance of the Tokyo Head Office to collect unneeded notebooks for a recycling project by third-grade students at Aoyama Elementary School.
The children, who had been unable to play outside due to the excessive heat this year, investigated the causes of the rise in temperature and learned about global warming, realizing that the way they live is deeply related to global warming. They then decided to engage in a project to collect unneeded notebooks and recycle them into new notebooks as a practical example of making a difference with the involvement of those around them. After about a month of setting up the collection boxes, ITOCHU collected 310 notebooks and approximately 500 loose-leaf notebooks.

Collection box at the employee entrance
Part of the collected unneeded notebooks
Thank you letters from students

Held a Special Class on Mangrove and Ocean Plastic Recycling

In FYE 2022, ITOCHU Cooperation started a mangrove planting initiative with Uken Village on Amami Oshima Island, a World Natural Heritage site.
In May 2022, we held a special class on “mangrove and ocean plastic recycling” for all students of Aoyama Elementary School.
We donated plastic pots made from ocean plastic waste that washed ashore in Tsushima City, Nagasaki Prefecture, and explained its problem-solving recycling economy business for students. After the special class, about 300 seedlings were planted, one for each student in all grades.
Through environmental conservation education, we believe that this project will contribute to the affluent and sound development of young people in the local community who will lead the next generation.

A special class for all students
Ocean plastic recycling pots

Mangrove Ex-Situ Conservation Project

In FYE 2023, as one of an activity with Uken Village on Amami Oshima Island to conserve mangroves outside their native habitat, approximately 250 students of Aoyama Elementary School grew seedlings from seeds and donated them to the National Museum of Nature and Science at Tsukuba Botanical Garden.
The mangrove seedlings were grown in plastic pots derived from marine plastic waste handled by ITOCHU.

Planting seedlings.
Seedlings donated to the National Museum of Nature and Science

Three-site Workshop at ITOCHU SDGs STUDIO

Vocational Lecture at Aoyama Junior High School

ITOCHU Corporation collaborates with the annual vocational lectures held at Aoyama Junior High School as part of the career education program for first-year students. Eight companies and organizations in Minato City participated in the program in FYE 2024, presenting on their work activities and providing opportunities for students to deepen their understanding of careers and to think about their career choices.

Providing Workplace Learning Experience for Aoyama Special Needs School

Since FYE 2023, ITOCHU Corporation has proved workplace learning experiences for students from Aoyama Special Needs School. ITOCHU’s comprehensive workplace learning program is designed to motivate and prepare students for their transition into future employment and self-sufficiency. The students learned new skills and built confidence through actual work-related tasks such as cleaning and sterilizing desks and chairs in the lobby on the first floor and conference rooms on the tenth floor.
This initiative is the first step for students who need special support to connect with their communities and play an active role in society. ITOCHU Corporation supports this initiative and will continue its community-based social contribution activities going forward.