Policy and Basic Concept

Supply Chains

ITOCHU also gives consideration to human rights, labor and the environment in our supply chain and business investments. We do this through sustainability management tailored to each business activity. Through this, we have built a sustainable value chain. This is leading to an improvement in the competiveness and corporate value of the ITOCHU Group.

Notifying Suppliers of the Sustainability Action Guidelines for Supply Chains

We believe it is important to acquire the understanding and cooperation of our suppliers for our procurement policies. Accordingly, we once again notified approximately 4,000 suppliers with whom we are engaged in ongoing business of the ITOCHU Sustainability Action Guidelines for Supply Chains in FYE 2014. We also stipulated that new suppliers must be notified of these guidelines in advance when engaging in business with them from January 2015. We are deepening communication on our sustainability policy in this way.

ITOCHU Sustainability Action Guidelines for Supply Chains

ITOCHU promotes sustainability through our business activities toward the realization of a sustainable society. The aim of this is to fulfill our corporate philosophy of "Committed to the global good". It is necessary to engage in supply chain management with consideration for the impact on society and the environment by the wide range of products and services we handle in the supply chain due to the characteristics of this business form. ITOCHU has established Sustainability Action Guidelines for Supply Chains. Through these, we communicate the concept of ITOCHU to our suppliers. We expect and encourage our suppliers to understand and put into practice the items stipulated below.

  1. Suppliers shall respect the human rights of their employees and shall not treat them in an inhumane manner such as with abuse (including physical punishments)
  2. Suppliers shall not engage in forced labor or child labor with respect to their employees
  3. Suppliers shall not practice discrimination in employment
  4. Suppliers shall prevent unfair low-wage labor
  5. Suppliers shall respect the rights of their employees to organize and bargain collectively to ensure smooth consultation between labor and management
  6. Suppliers shall appropriately manage the working hours, holidays and vacations of their employees to ensure they do not exceed statutory limits
  7. Suppliers shall strive to provide their employees with a safe, hygienic and healthy working environment
  8. Suppliers shall work to reduce their usage of energy, greenhouse gases, water, waste and other resources with consideration for biodiversity and other environmental problems in their business activities
  9. Suppliers shall comply with relevant laws and ordinances and international rules, and ensure fair transactions and prevent corruption
  10. Suppliers shall disclose information relating to the above items in a timely and appropriate manner