CSR Advisory Board 2014


ITOCHU Corporation management and outside stakeholders held a CSR Advisory Board meeting at the Tokyo Head Office on February 27 to discuss CSR issues.
The meeting was held under the theme of ”Business and Human Rights: Engaging with Local Communities” amid a backdrop of business diversification and enlargement having a greater impact on local communities and the overall value chain.
Active discussion occurred, with shareholders and leading specialists from various NGOs and academic fields giving frank opinions of their concerns and expectations, such as, ”We would like ITOCHU to develop a greater self-awareness as a global corporate leader. It should be more actively rather than passively involved in local community issues and strive for a corporate image of growing together with communities.”
The opinions and input that the advisors provided will be reflected in future CSR promotion efforts and, through dissemination of information, lead to enhancing understanding among stakeholders about ITOCHU’s business activities.


February 27, 2015


Business and Human Rights: Engaging with Local Communities Panelists

CSR Advisory Board members
  • Ms. Mariko Kawaguchi
    Senior Researcher, Daiwa Institute of Research Holdings Ltd.
  • Mr. Hideki Wakabayashi
  • Dr. Katsuhiro Harada
    Professor, Meiji Gakuin University
ITOCHU members
  • Tadayuki Seki
    Executive Advisory Officer, Executive Vice President, CFO & CAO
  • Ichiro Tsuge
    Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Forest Products & General Merchandise Division
  • Hisao Yakushiji
    General Manager, Planning & Administration Department, Machinery Company
  • Masazumi Nishikage
    General Manager, Planning & Administration Department, Food Company
  • Hiroya Ono
    Manager, CSR Promotion & Global Environment Department (moderator)