“CSR Action Guidelines for Supply Chains” have been established

May 14, 2009

ITOCHU Corporation has established “CSR Action Guidelines for Supply Chains”

Taking actions on human rights, labor and environmental issues in the course of business activities are some of the most important CSR challenges that global companies face. To respond to these challenges, the management of supply chains is becoming increasingly important.

ITOCHU has already started working on supply chain management as part of its CSR activities; the supplier survey has been conducted since fiscal 2007 and some Division Companies have already set up goals on supply chain management in their CSR action plans. To penetrate such efforts company-wide and to further promote and strengthen our initiatives, we decided to establish an Action guideline as a fundamental tool to communicate the ITOCHU philosophy to our suppliers.

To fulfill our social responsibilities, we, as a truly global enterprise, must ensure that no human rights, labor or environmental problems occur in any ITOCHU-related supply chain. If any problem occurs, we are required to actively contribute to resolving the situation.

We will strive to communication with our suppliers, and ensure their understanding and compliance of the CSR Action Guidelines for Supply Chains.

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