ITOCHU Announces Third Phase of Support for Tohoku, ITOCHU Children's Dreams Fund

March 11, 2014

ITOCHU Corporation (headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo; Masahiro Okafuji, President & CEO; hereinafter “ITOCHU”) announced today that it has decided to present donations to two schools as the third phase of support for the Tohoku areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, following the ITOCHU Children’s Dreams Fund established in March 2013.

1)Support for Iwate Prefectural Yamada High School boat club

Through the nonprofit organization Kokkyo naki Kodomotachi (hereinafter KnK), ITOCHU will donate 3.5 million yen to the Iwate Prefectural Yamada High School boat club to cover its expenses for needs such as lifeboats and installation of a floating pier.

The high school’s boat club drew nationwide attention as a competitive club even before the earthquake, but it lost almost all its equipment, including its boats, boathouse and even oars, in the disaster. Since KnK provided boats to the club in 2011, it was able to resume training on an inland lake about two hours away. As a result, the club accomplished a series of successes in 2013 including the first victory for Iwate Prefecture in the All-Japan High School Tournament in March, runner-up in the National High School Championships in August and the championship of the All Japan Rookies’ Boat Tournament in October. However, even now, when the members can train in the Gulf of Yamada, there is concern about the safety of students who practice in the evening since they still do not have a lifeboat. Moreover, they have to swim in the cold water every time they need to get to their boats since they lack a floating pier, a basic facility.

ITOCHU has decided to make this donation given that Yamada High School is the only high school in Yamada-cho and the triumphs of its boat club will give great hope to the people of that town who suffered tremendous damage in the earthquake.

2)Support for Nakano Splash Nakano Volleyball Junior Sport Club and Nakano Sparrows Boys’ Baseball Team of Sendai Municipal Nakano Elementary School

ITOCHU will donate 450,000 yen to the Nakano Splash Nakano Volleyball Junior Sports Club for uniforms with the boys’ team name and for backpacks for the boys’ and girls’ teams, and 200,000 yen to the Nakano Sparrows Boys’ Baseball Team for game balls and plastic training balls, a foldable tent, and other items. A total of 650,000 yen will be donated through the Nippon International Cooperation for Community Development.

The Sendai Municipal Nakano Elementary School is located just one kilometer from the coast. On the day the quake struck, the school building was flooded up to the second floor and over 500 people including the students, school staff and local residents sought shelter on the school’s rooftop and spent the night there. The entire school district was severely affected and the damaged school building has already been demolished. The number of students has more than halved and classes continue in the nearby Nakano Sakae Elementary School.

The Nakano Splash has been moving from between a neighboring elementary school or junior high school to keep practicing, while the Nakano Sparrows recovered and converted the damaged plaza into a training space to practice. ITOCHU has decided to provide this support to assist these youths who are giving their all in the affected areas.

ITOCHU will continue to support the recovery and reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake going forward through Children’s Dreams Fund and the various activities.

Nakano Splash Nakano Volleyball Junior Sports Club
Nakano Sparrows Boys’ Baseball Team