ITOCHU Announces New Project at ITOCHU AOYAMA ART SQUARE Daisuke Nakashima Photo Exhibition Entitled "Image no Kanshoku (Feel of the images): taken with iPhone" Will Be Held

July 20, 2016

ITOCHU Corporation (headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo; Masahiro Okafuji, President & CEO; hereinafter “ITOCHU”) opened ITOCHU AOYAMA ART SQUARE in the CI Plaza, a commercial facility situated next to ITOCHU’s Tokyo Head Office, in October 2012. The gallery was part of ITOCHU’s social contribution activities, with the aim of developing the future generation through art, contributing to the local community, and promoting both local and international art and culture.

As the second round of photo exhibition curated by photography critic Minoru Shimizu, a photo exhibition by Daisuke Nakashima will be held featuring taken with iPhone. In parallel with the process of photo shooting with a film or a digital camera, Nakashima has continued his creative activities using the iPhone and Internet (SNS). He is confident enough to use the iPhone, considered as the most commonly owned camera in the world, and invokes “the act of taking photos” and “the act of viewing photos” that has been simplified and become routine through digital technology. Ideal for photos taken using the iPhone, liquid-crystalline media such as smartphones and tablets will be used in the exhibition space. In addition, the display will include 3D works about which visitors are allowed to take photos using a mobile device. We invite you to experience the contemporary art presented by the future generation photographer using the most familiar and most popular device in society today.



Daisuke Nakashima Photo Exhibition “Image no Kanshoku (Feel of the images): taken with iPhone”

Sponsor ITOCHU Corporation
Curator Minoru Shimizu
Period Thursday, September 22, 2016 to Sunday, October 2
11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Open every day during the exhibition period
Admission Free
CI Plaza B1F, 2-3-1 Kita-aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0061
TEL: 03-5772-2913

Profile of the curator

Minoru Shimizu Born in Tokyo in 1963. Photography critic. Received the first Shigemori Koen Photography Critic Award in 1995, and has contributed to magazines, photobooks and pictorial records of exhibitions on a regular basis, both locally and internationally. His major publications include Shiro to kuro de – Shashin to… (In white and black, with photographs…), Gendaishicho-shinsha, 2004, Shashin to hibi (Photographs and the everyday), Gendaishicho-shinsha, 2006, Hibi kore shashin (Photographs of everyday life), Gendaishicho-shinsha, 2009, and Pururamon - Tansu ni shite fukusu no sonzai (Pluramonity - on the existence of plurality in the mono), Gendaishicho-shinsha, 2011.

Profile of the photographer


Daisuke Nakashima Born in 1983 in Osaka Prefecture. Studied cognitive psychology at a college and concurrently learned photography at a professional school. Received the Canon New Cosmos of Photography Co-Grand Prize in 2007 and Visual Arts Photo Award Grand Prize in 2008. His major solo exhibitions include each other, at Visual Arts Gallery, Tokyo, 2008. His major group exhibitions include Saikin no koto (RECENTLY), at Gallery Naruyama, Tokyo, 2009, Internalized World: Contemporary Japanese Photography, at Vilnius Graphic Art Centre’s gallery, Lithuania, 2011, SHOWCASE #1 curated by Minoru Shimizu, at eN arts, Kyoto, 2012, and showcase #4 curated by Minoru Shimizu, at eNarts, Kyoto, 2015, and more.