Promotion of inbound tourism business

We have formed a business partnership with Ring Bell, a leading catalog gift platform, to expand business targeting luxury Chinese travelers in Japan.
Among foreign visitors to Japan, there is growing demand for experiential consumption, in other words, the enjoyment of content unique to Japan such as Japan’s rich culture, nature and history. This tendency is especially strong among affluent Chinese visitors to Japan and product development and a market-oriented approach is required in order to tailor content to meet more specific needs.
ITOCHU is collaborating with the CP Group, with which it has formed a strategic capital and business alliance, to plan, develop and verify new travel products utilizing the CP Group’s network of affluent Chinese customers. We plan to fully launch products after verifying customer needs and improving products accordingly.
ITOCHU plans to strengthen collaboration with RING BELL in relation to the inbound tourism business in the future and to also strengthen cooperation with Group companies in Japan and overseas to create synergies between the development of new business for affluent Asian customers and existing businesses.