Apparel area

Globally expanding and improving high value-added value chains


We provide a wide variety of products globally, ranging from the textile materials/fabrics that are the founding businesses of ITOCHU, to garment materials and apparel products manufactured in production systems in Japan and other Asian countries by taking the monozukuri (manufacturing) processes seriously. In addition to our comprehensive capabilities that have been built up over years leveraging the market-oriented perspective which looks at the entire process from company proposals, the procurement of materials and production through to logistics from the customer's perspective. We provide high value-added products and services that meet needs in an array of supply chain processes, such as services that focus on digital needs.
Recently we have been working to establish an unparalleled business model through close collaboration with our partners and group companies inside and outside Japan, while strengthening the construction of ITOCHU's original value chain that creates materials, including sustainable materials.