Construction & Real Estate Division

Real Estate Development

We develop, sell, and provide operation/management services for properties that include residential housing (including condominiums), industrial facilities, commercial facilities, and office buildings.
ITOCHU Property Development, Ltd., and other Group companies perform roles in the area of residential housing. We develop and provide services by exploiting a value chain that extends from development and construction through to sales, management and operational services, leasing, brokering, and distribution. Advance Residence Investment Corporation (J-REIT), which was established and is managed with the support of the ITOCHU Group, focuses on rental housing properties mainly in seven of Tokyo’s wards and throughout the country. The ITOCHU Group provides support for Advance Residence Investment Corporation’s acquisitions through its development and brokerage functions.
In fields other than residential housing, we pursue synergies by collaborating organically with Division Companies and the Headquarters business organization while utilizing our advantage as a general trading company that is receives countless pieces of information every day. Specifically, with regard to logistics distribution facilities, based on lateral initiatives with the Logistics Business Department we provide services from site allocation through to developing and operating facilities in accordance with tenant needs, and once a fund is up and running, we sell the assets to investors in Japan and overseas.

Real Estate Solutions, Overseas Business

We draw on our ample experience and skill-set in a wide range of fields that include residential buildings, land for housing, office buildings, hotels, golf courses, and industrial parks in order to create and develop new businesses that respond to current needs and provide planning and consulting for effective land utilization, such as scrap-and-build strategies for bases or real estate liquidation, as well as risk-sharing and finance management.
Overseas, mainly in Asia, we make full use of our knowledge and networks as a general trading company in order to the rent and sell industrial parks to Japanese companies as well as offer leased plants, distribution centers, office buildings, and hotels or serviced apartments. In addition to facilities, we provide total solutions that range from equipment leasing through to employee hiring, raw material purchasing, and distribution.

Construction Equipment and Materials Brokerage

Not limited to development undertaken by the ITOCHU Group, we work as a broker to supply construction machinery, equipment and materials to all types of development projects in Japan and overseas.

Logistics Solutions

ITOCHU’s logistics group ensures the success of the global supply chain solution business by strategically understanding customers’ logistics businesses beyond simply segmented services such as storage and transportation.
As an operational company, ITOCHU LOGISTICS CORP. provides customers in a wide range of fields in Japan and overseas with high quality one-stop logistics services utilizing its logistics functions for land, sea and air, its wide domestic and international networks, its rich experience-based knowledge of on-site logistics operations, and added value including the distribution channel function.
In China, ITOCHU is proud of the operation of the largest-scale 3PL business among Japanese corporations. ITOCHU LOGISTICS (CHINA) CO., LTD. and Tingtong Logistics Co., Ltd. ensure the success of carefully managed logistics operations based on a network covering the whole of China, mainly in the cosmetics/apparel/sundries retail/e-commerce field and the automobile field.
In ASEAN/West Asia, 3PL companies were established, including PT. ILC LOGISTICS INDONESIA (in Indonesia in 2012) and IP Integrated Services Private Limited (in India in 2011). Logistics services have been enhanced in emerging markets.
ITOCHU will proactively deploy the global logistics business in cold chains and e-commerce that are growth fields requiring functions with high additional value, while effectively using the strengths of a general trading company.

Maritime Shipping Services


We charter ships and provide transportation services for non-scheduled cargo such as iron ore, coal, grain, and cement, as well as scheduled cargo such as automotives and machineries. We have extensive experience in chartering vessels for iron ore on behalf of major steel manufacturers in China, transporting finished vehicles, automotive parts, construction equipment, and other cargo to Europe, United States, and other countries, also providing electric-power companies in Japan with coal transportation services. In partnership with leading international shipping companies, we continue expanding transportation services for non-scheduled cargo.