Brand Business

Expanding from Apparel to General Lifestyle


Having long led the industry as a pioneer in the brand business, which adds brand value to products, ITOCHU has rolled out an array of European and North American brands in Japan and overseas markets centered on Asia. We have maintained our position as the industry leader in this business area to the present day by building multilayered business models. Capitalizing on our unique marketing capabilities, we have established business models that not only include import business but also license combinations, the production of branded products that we handle, and M&A and participation in management. In addition to garments in a wide range of areas such as luxury, sports and casual clothing, we also handle numerous brands relating to shoes, bags and other accessories. Together with more than 250 sub-licensees and distributors, we are striving to maximize the value of brands in the global market.

In this business area, we aim to further evolve our business models by entering new areas. Using our expertise in developing brands, we are broadening our business foundations by extending our business area from fashion and apparel to include the entire area of lifestyle categories.

With a focus on markets in developing countries expected to experience future growth, we are accelerating global business development through business tie-ups with major local partners. For example, we have pursued efforts to strengthen the expansion of sales in Chinese and Asian markets with the steady roll-out of new stores in China and Singapore under brands such as “OUTDOOR PRODUCTS,” to which ITOCHU owns the trademark rights.