Industrial textile & lifestyle area

Providing a wide array of textiles that transcend industrial boundaries


Widely involved in just about every kind of textile and material imaginable, from cutting-edge industrial textiles with advanced functionality to non-woven textiles used for sanitary items such as disposable diapers, ITOCHU is developing its businesses globally.
In the area of automobiles, we market interior materials for ceilings and floors and reinforcing materials for rubber belts and hoses. In the area of sports, we deal in products such as carbon fiber materials for golf shafts and fishing rods. We also provide polishing cloth and adhesive tapes in the area of electronics, roof waterproofing materials, tents and film construction materials in the area of construction and civil engineering, and electric blankets and carpets in the area of interior materials. Further, we have focused our efforts on the creation of supply chains and services to address change in society, including our response to the electrification of automobiles and provision of linen supplies to hospitals and medical and welfare facilities.