Real Estate Securitization

Typically, this refers to transactions with built-in financial structures that guarantees liquidity, as the equity is held in small-lot ownership in the form of securities that represent the right to receive cash flow generated by the real estate asset. This is useful for real estate transactions where liquidity (distributility) is perceived as poor and the price of the transaction tends to be high. Using this scheme, we develop and manage rental condominiums, logistics distribution facilities, commercial facilities, office buildings etc., which we then sell to investors in Japan and abroad.

Example of a rental condominium: Yamabukicho Apartments


We have developed and operated a rental condominium consisting of 99 flats and a storefront (Denny's) in Tokyo's Shinjuku Ward, which we then sold on to investors.

Example of a logistics distribution facility: Hachioji Logistics Center


We developed a logistics center on a site of approximately 16,500 square, five minutes from the Hachioji Interchange of the Chuo Expressway, which we have sold on to investors.

Example of a commercial facility: UNICUS Miyoshi


Developed by ITOCHU, we are operating a suburban shopping center with 27 commercial tenants and total sales floor space of approximately 11,550 square meters in Saitama Prefecture.