The Food Company will pursue a strategy rooted in customer needs, focusing on the retail segment such as FamilyMart, using the information obtained from customers as the key to developing a high value-added value chain involving everything from product development and manufacturing to the supply and procurement of ingredients.
In February 1998, ITOCHU acquired shares in FamilyMart Co., Ltd. Since then, ITOCHU has pursued initiatives with FamilyMart in a range of fields including efficient distribution management and product development. One example of product development is the fresh eggs currently sold at FamilyMart. To respond to the orientation toward safety among customers, FamilyMart and the Food Company Group joined together to develop this product. The Food Company Group undertakes the whole process from importing the corn that is the main ingredient in chicken feed to manufacturing the feed, raising the chickens, producing eggs, and delivering the eggs to stores in refrigerated trucks.