Through its retail initiatives centering on mass retailers and convenience stores, ITOCHU aims to build a high-value-added value chain for food, encompassing product development and production as well as raw material supply and procurement. We also aim to contribute to the evolution of retail through the development of services which help business partners solve problems and the provision of high quality logistics capabilities through our operating companies, incorporating new perspectives such as digital transformation (DX) and marketing. Since acquiring shares in FamilyMart in February 1998, we have been working with FamilyMart to implement initiatives in various areas including efficient logistics operations and product development. One example of product development is the fresh eggs currently sold at FamilyMart. FamilyMart and the Food Company Group collaborated on the development of this product in response to increased interest in food safety among customers. The Food Company Group undertakes the whole process from importing the corn that is the main ingredient in chicken feed to manufacturing the feed, chicken rearing, egg production and processing, and delivering the eggs to stores in refrigerated trucks.