Sales Launch of Next-Generation Energy Storage System Using AI-Technology


In the energy storage system (ESS) business, ITOCHU has developed and commercialized its own ESS brand, Smart Star, with NF Corporation and has recorded cumulative domestic sales of approximately 10,000 units (equivalent to 95 MWh/30 MW) as of October 2018.

In 2018, we launched sales of a next-generation ESS that connects the GridShare Client AI software of Moixa Energy Holdings (Moixa) with ITOCHU’s Smart Star L.

Designed for use in Japan, the next-generation ESS (GridShare) uses AI to analyze and learn from such data as weather forecasts, user power demand and power generation forecasts. Moreover, it assures optimal charge/discharge control of the storage battery in conjunction with an IoT remote control system made by NF Corporation. This enables efficient solar power generation and storage battery operation.

Moreover, in the United States, we established an investment and business alliance with Sunnova Energy Corporation (Sunnova) and started joint promotion of the ESS business.

Sunnova is a leading residential solar service provider and ESS business provider, with 60,000 customers (over 400 MW) in the United States.
As states across the country revise or abolish their residential solar power subsidy programs, demand for ESS is expected to rise, much as it has in Japan.

Sunnova and ITOCHU intend to collaborate on the development of ESS solutions suitable for the U.S. market.
We are looking into opportunities related to installing ESSs alongside existing Sunnova solar power generation facilities as well as the development of ESS optimization service for the U.S. market using Moixa’s technologies.

Directly generating and using solar power at home is expected to become increasing common in both Japan and the United States.

ITOCHU will contribute to the efficient operation of renewable energy, the stable supply of electricity, and the realization of a society that utilizes dispersed energy sources by evolving the ESS business it has cultivated together with outstanding partners.