Geothermal Power Generation

In the Sarulla region of North Sumatra, Indonesia, we participate in one of the world's largest geothermal power projects (three units with a net capacity of 330 MW) through Sarulla Operations Ltd. (SOL), which was jointly established by ITOCHU Corporation, Kyushu Electric Power Co., Inc., INPEX Corporation, PT Medco Power Indonesia (of Indonesia), and Ormat Technologies, Inc. (of the United States).

SOL began construction of the project after signing a 30-year power purchase agreement with Indonesia's state-owned electricity company in 2013. The first and second units were completed and began commercial operation in 2017, followed by the third unit in 2018.

Indonesia, among the world's major owners of geothermal resources, intends to actively bring in renewable energy, with geothermal power generation being a prominent power source. Unlike many other forms of renewable energy, geothermal power generation enables stable supply without being so affected by sunlight, wind, and other natural conditions, which is why we plan to actively promote decarbonization through a stable power supply that takes into consideration national and regional energy circumstances and energy source composition.