Logistics Business


ITOCHU LOGISTICS CORP., the core logistics company for the ITOCHU Group, plays a leading role in providing customers in a wide range of fields in Japan and overseas with high quality one-stop logistics services combining our logistics functions for land, sea and air, our wide domestic and international networks and our rich experience-based knowledge of on-site logistics operations, with added value such as distribution channel capabilities

Logistics in China


Our Logistics & Material Distribution Department was quick to focus on Chinese domestic demand and ITOCHU LOGISTICS (CHINA) CO., LTD have driven the expansion of a logistics networks spanning around 40 locations throughout China, allowing us to provide 3PL and other logistics services nationwide to meet growing domestic demand associated with the development of China's consumer market. In fields such as cosmetics, apparel and toiletries, we are helping Japanese enterprises and other leading manufacturers expand sales in the Chinese market.
In particular, we were quick to launch initiatives targeting the market for Internet sales in China, which is expected to continue growing at a stable rate of about 10% each year, and we have developed distribution services covering all sales channels integrated with online and actual stores. We also offer a fulfillment service that covers all functions related to Internet sales, including call center operations and marketing. We also operate large-scale logistics centers dedicated to Internet sales in major Chinese cities and are building some of the largest-scale logistics networks for Japanese companies operating in the country, shipping 50 million orders per year to meet demand in China’s rapidly growing market for Internet sales.

Supply Chain Networks

With changes in distribution channels resulting from the emergence of e-commerce giants and changes in the logistics environment such as shortages of truck drivers and trucks, industry demand for new forms of supply chains is growing. Drawing on our strengths as a general trading company, we have moved beyond providing standalone services such as “storage” and “transportation” and begun creating new networks for supply chains that will solve the challenges faced by the industry as a whole, including the creation of collaborative logistics networks.