Worldwide fresh produce business created with Dole

In April 2013, we acquired the Asian fresh produce business and the worldwide packaged food business from the US-based Dole Food Company, Inc. In the Asian fresh produce business, Dole boasts the world’s largest sales of banana and pineapple by volume, and in the processed foods business that produces processed fruit and vegetable products, Dole maintains many product lines that enjoy the leading market share in North American markets. Since the acquisition, ITOCHU has sought to stabilize and expand the earnings of the Dole business through the implementation of a range of measures, including continuously dispatching managers and onsite workers to Dole, diversifying and optimizing producing areas, liquidating unprofitable businesses, and radically reducing costs. We are also stepping up initiatives to achieve SDGs, including developing producing areas with the intention of creating employment and improving living conditions through the development of local industry, utilizing renewable energy produced from food residues, and developing eco-friendly products. Specific initiatives include pineapple cultivation and commercial production of processed foods of pineapple in the Republic of Sierra Leone, biogas generation using pineapple residue in the Philippines, and the development of products which do not use petroleum-based plastic packaging. ITOCHU will continue working to grow the Dole business and aims to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through the Dole business.