Finance for Companies and Projects

We are developing the credit card and consumer credit business using the ample customer base and platform functionality of Orient Corporation and FamilyMart Co., Ltd. in Japan, the unsecured loans and lease business abroad, and the financial services business both in Japan and abroad.

Orient Corporation


In 2005, we formed a strategic capital tie-up and business alliance with Orient Corporation, one of the largest consumer finance companies in Japan. Since then, we have continued our efforts to create “synergy” and increase our corporate value. We provide our wide range of products and services to Orico's 900,000 member stores and 25.5 million card members. In addition, both ITOCHU and Orico are committed to offer new value-added services to our mutual clientele by integrating Orico's strengths and functions in the retail finance area, and ITOCHU's business planning & management solutions in the various field.
In credit cards, we are working on developing our co-branded cards such as the MOTTAINAI Card by utilizing the ITOCHU Group network. In the business of consumer credit, we have set out to penetrate the market for various types of loans by utilizing the sales channels of ITOCHU Kenzai Corp. and MARUKO Co., Ltd. In addition, in June 2007 we took an equity position in CAL Credit Guarantee K.K., which is an affiliate of Orico, and we are making every effort to expand the business infrastructure to consolidate Orico's top spot in the auto loans industry.

Pocketcard Co., Ltd.


We invested in POCKETCARD in April 2003, as the first general trading company that had entered into a capital and business alliance with a major credit card provider. POCKETCARD continues to expand its business,
including merging with and taking over operations from Famima Credit Corporation, the company behind the Famima T Card, in September 2012.
Designed as a tool to provide customers with a higher level of service and treat them as "special guests," the Famima T Card is used by customers at over 9,000 FamilyMart stores nationwide. It combines convenience store shopping with a unique type of credit card. By making the most of POCKETCARD's expertise in areas such as membership organization and customer analysis, we are aiming to expand our retail finance operations by issuing a joint credit card offering benefits in conjunction with retail companies within and outside of the ITOCHU Group.

United Asia Finance Limited


At the end of 1996, we took an equity position in United Asia Finance Limited. One of the largest businesses in Hong Kong, the company makes unsecured loans to individuals and entered the Chinese market in 2007. At present, there are 45 branches in Hong Kong and 40 in China. We aim to take the business further as growth is expected in the market for personal loans in line with expanding internal demand in China.

Century Tokyo Leasing China Corporation


Jointly with Century Leasing System, Inc. (presently, Century Tokyo Leasing Corporation), we established a leasing company 100% owned by foreign capital in China in 2006. As well as striving to expand the leasing business by utilizing the ITOCHU Group network, we aim to utilize the know-how network gained with this project to further develop financial services to corporations in China in the future.

Easy Buy Public Co., Ltd.


In 1996, we collaborated with ACOM Co., Ltd. to establish Easy Buy. With 84 branches throughout Thailand, the company provides unsecured loans and consumer credit to individuals. It is one of the largest companies in the personal finance business in Thailand and we aim to expand the operating base in step with the Thai economy.

First Response Finance Ltd.


ITOCHU established First Response Finance Ltd. (hereinafter First Response Finance) in collaboration with its partner company in 1999 and presently is a 100% shareholder of the company.
First Response Finance provides car finance through car dealers from its three locations to cities across the United Kingdom. It aims to further expand its business leveraged by underwriting capabilities that the company has cultivated since its foundation.