As of April 1, 2016


ICT Division

In the information and communication field, this Division is expanding its business in the IT services field, centered on the IT systems business. It is also moving into Internet-related business, the environment and green tech business using ICT, and the venture capital business. In the communications and mobile field, centered on the sales of mobile phone handsets and mobile phone-related services, the Division is engaged in a broad range of services, including broadcasting and communications, as well as video and entertainment.
Mainly comprising medical services and health-related businesses, the Life & Healthcare business field is increasingly becoming a focus of attention as society ages and is one of the fields where ITOCHU is at the forefront. Utilizing its expertise as a general trading company (sogo-shosha) and M&A other capital measures, ITOCHU is developing and adopting new business models in all areas, including services for pharmaceuticals, services for healthcare and preventive medicine.

Financial & Insurance Business Division

In the financial field, this Division involves the domestic and overseas retail finance business, M&A, and the finance business for companies and projects. Members of the division have been dispatched to the United Kingdom, Thailand, Hong Kong and Mainland China as well as utilizing personnel in Japan to discover business opportunities and expand business fields and regions in the future.
In the insurance field, the Division carries out life / non-life insurance intermediary businesses in Japan, insurance broking business with the largest Japanese insurance broker network as well as reinsurance underwriting business in overseas.