As of April 1, 2018


ICT Division

In the information and communication field, the ICT Division is expanding its businesses scope to include venture capital, healthcare, business process outsourcing (BPO), and consumer-oriented internet services while maintaining focus on the corporate IT solutions business. In the communications and mobile field, centered on mobile phone sales and mobile phone-related services, the Division is engaged in a broad range of services, including broadcasting, communications, and video- and entertainment-related business.

Financial & Insurance Business Division

In the financial field, the Financial & Insurance Business Division handles domestic and overseas retail finance operations, M&A, and financing for companies and projects. In the insurance field, the Division provides services related to domestic and overseas retail insurance, corporate insurance brokerage, reinsurance, and credit guarantees. Seeking to expand this business and its regional coverage worldwide, the Division will continue to dispatch personnel to the United Kingdom, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Mainland China to uncover new business opportunities going forward.