As of April 1, 2024


ICT Division

In the ICT field, IT Solutions, Digital Marketing and BPO sectors make up the core of the Division’s IT related business while distribution of mobile handsets and deployment of related services act as the base cargo for the Communications domain. In addition to both sectors, the ICT Division is eager to further expand in size by committing to promising categories such as IT Healthcare, Space, Media, Content and Venture Capital Investment.

Financial & Insurance Business Division

In the financial field, the company’s operations encompass loans, payments, asset management and next-generation financial services domestically and internationally. In the insurance field, the company operates retail insurance, corporate insurance brokerage, insurance shops, reinsurance and credit guarantee businesses domestically and internationally. Seeking to expand this business and its regional coverage worldwide, we will continue to dispatch personnel to the United Kingdom, the United States, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Mainland China to uncover new business opportunities going forward.