Synergies with Prima Meat Packers

Prima Meat Packers, Ltd., which is an associated company of ITOCHU, processes and sells ham, sausage, and other meats. To reinforce production capabilities in its mainstay ham and sausage business, in 2016 Prima Meat Packers completed construction and began operations at a new sausage plant within its Ibaraki Plant. In the meat business, Prima Meat Packers has jointly developed a pork brand with HyLife Group Holdings, which is also an associated company of ITOCHU. HyLife is Canada’s leading pork producer and accounts for the highest sales volume of Canadian chilled pork imported to Japan. By offering HyLife’s unique product varieties and mixing its own feed, Prima Meat Packers is working to expand its pork sales on the strength of its reputation for safety and quality. In addition to HyLife, we plan to further reinforce the value chain throughout the ITOCHU Group. Through human resource exchanges, such as seconding personnel to sales and staffing departments, ITOCHU is seeking to strengthen mutual understanding between the companies. In this manner, we are working actively to generate synergies that will contribute to Prima Meat Packers’ medium- to long-term growth and further increasing their corporate value.