As of April 1, 2021


Energy Division

The Energy Division handles trading of general energy-related products, including crude and fuel oil, petroleum products, LPG, LNG, natural gas, and electricity, in addition to promoting related projects.
We also promote exploration, development and production of oil & gas projects.

Petroleum Trading Department

This department carries out the trade and wholesaling of crude oil, petroleum products, and LPG in many regions around the world through the headquarters and affiliated companies.

Natural Gas Business Department

We manage existing projects such as Ras Laffan LNG project in Qatar and Qalhat LNG project in Oman, while also promoting new projects and LNG trading activities.

Oil & Gas Upstream Business Development Department

We manage existing projects in such areas as Azerbaijan (ACG & BTC), Sakhalin and Eastern Siberia, as well as promoting expansions of these projects and new projects.

Chemicals Division

The Chemicals Division handles trading and promotes business investment involving an extensive lineup of products, including basic chemicals, plastics, electronic materials, and pharmaceuticals.

Basic Chemicals Department

This department primarily engages in worldwide investment, trade, and wholesaling related to upstream products, such as organic basic raw materials, polyester raw materials, methanol, and sulfur, with coverage provided by headquarters and overseas bases.

Industrial Chemicals Department

This department encompasses a wide variety of businesses acquired through domestic and overseas investment, including acrylic, nylon and other synthetic fiber raw materials; fertilizers formulated to help meet rising food demand; rechargeable batteries (stationary storage batteries); functional chemicals; and pharmaceuticals.

Plastics Department

This department is broadly expanding its global trade—focusing on general-use resins and synthetic rubber—in addition to its sales activities related to various resin additives and plastic products. In addition, the department promotes solid Group management undertaken in unison with many other Group companies, including C.I. TAKIRON Corporation.

Retail & Plastics Materials Department

This department works in cooperation with the headquarters, as well as domestic and overseas affiliates engaging in manufacturing and marketing in downstream fields. This includes the manufacture of disposable plastic lunchboxes and other food packaging material for retail use; plastic shopping bags and other store-related materials; umbrellas; and sanitary items and other daily commodities. It also includes the delivery of plastic raw materials for various kinds of packaging.

Power & Environmental Solution Division

The Power & Environmental Solution Division is expanding the next-generation power business that offers a reduced environmental footprint, based on “a market-oriented perspective.” The Division’s business activities include photovoltaic solar, wind and biomass power generation, electricity trading, and energy storage cell business.

Power & Utility Business Department

This department is involved in electricity trading on Japan’s electricity market, the heat supply business through Aoyama Energy Service, Co., Ltd., which belongs to the ITOCHU Group, as well as new projects, especially in the energy solution business.

Sustainable Energy Business Department

We promote the development of renewable energy power generation projects and related trade businesses. In addition, we offer a full lineup of storage battery systems as a regulating power source, from residential to industrial use.
We are contributing to the construction of next-generation power networks as a solution that integrates power generation and storage.