As of April 1, 2016


Energy Division

The Energy Division handles trading of general energy-related products, including crude and fuel oil, petroleum products, LPG, LNG, natural gas, and electricity, in addition to promoting related projects.
We also promote exploration, development and production of oil & gas projects.

Petroleum Trading Department

We carry out trade and wholesale of crude oil, petroleum products and LPG at the global level through the headquarter and the affiliated companies.

Natural Gas Business Department

We manage existing projects such as Ras Laffan LNG project in Qatar and Qalhat LNG project in Oman, while also promoting new projects and LNG trading activities.

Oil & Gas Upstream Business Development Department

We manage existing projects in such areas as Azerbaijan (ACG & BTC), North Sea (WIDP & Hudson), Sakhalin and Eastern Siberia, as well as promoting expansions of these projects and new projects.

Chemicals Division

The Chemicals Division handles trading and promotes projects for a wide range of products such as organic chemicals, inorganic chemicals, pharmaceuticals, synthetic resin, fine chemicals and electronic materials.
We will aim to advance projects in upstream areas to secure competitive raw materials, whilst taking steps to bolster our supply chains, especially in the retail area including pharmaceuticals, plastics processing, and electronic materials.