ITOCHU trade an extensive lineup of products, including basic chemicals, plastics, electronic materials, and pharmaceutical raw materials. By leveraging our worldwide sales network, among trading companies we have become one of the largest handlers of organic basic raw materials, synthetic fiber raw materials, sulfur and its derivatives, and plastics. In addition to trading, by investing in businesses we are building a multifaceted portfolio that covers upstream areas through to downstream areas. Consequently, this division includes many major Group companies, such as ITOCHU CHEMICAL FRONTIER Corporation, ITOCHU PLASTICS Inc., .

Further, we are focusing efforts on creating new businesses that respond to the needs of society. We are actively developing Life & Healthcare initiatives in the pharmaceutical field, rechargeable battery related materials trading initiatives in the environmental and new energy fields, and initiatives related to food demand in the fertilizer field. In the pharmaceuticals field, we have begun participating in trading in pharmaceuticals raw materials and preparations, pharmaceuticals licensing business, and pharmaceuticals wholesale and pharmacy chain businesses in China. As for rechargeable batteries, with our sights set on increasing demand accompanying the spread of electric cars and hybrid vehicles, we have bolstered trading in components, sell stationary rechargeable battery systems in the domestic and overseas markets. In the fertilizer field, we bolster global trading and local trading of the materials mainly in Asia, with the leading role played by operating companies in Southeast Asia.