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SKY PerfecTV!, a paid multi-channel broadcasting service, was launched in 1996 as Japan’s first digital broadcasting service named PerfecTV!. It offers a variety of genres and numerous channels, including "Space Shower TV," Japan's largest music channel. In addition, SKY PerfecTV! broadcasts are also available for free on the Internet for subscribers to the broadcasting service as "SKY PerfecTV! program distribution" In 2021, the company launched SPOOX, a paid video streaming service that is also available to people who are not SKY PerfecTV! subscribers. It offers a variety of content with a product lineup geared toward people with many different needs.

Zutool (Headache Forecast App)

Forecast your headache! Headaches are recognized to be related to changes in atmospheric pressure.
This application was devised, produced, and supervised by a meteorologist. This application predicts your pain and informs you in advance when you will have a headache by using our unique analysis. You can easily record your pain and medication records to help you manage your own health condition. The basic service is free.
Premium service with additional functions is also available.

ekubot (automated AI VoiceBot for call centers)

ekubot is an AI-based automated answering service developed by Bellsystem24, Inc., which provides call center services nationwide.
The service uses a VoiceBot and ChatBot combining AI and voice recognition and speech synthesis technology to realize an unmanned system for dealing with telephone and chat inquiries from customers. Enterprises can use the setting screen to set conversation scenarios so that the system can be introduced easily and up and running immediately.
This package is suitable for starting small-scale operations, such as automating material requests, reservations, and other tasks.
Support based on BellSystem24's operational knowledge is also available at the start of full-scale operation.


NICOSUMA is a website selling high-quality, low-price used smartphones. We sell Three-Star Smartphones, which are carefully selected according to our own criteria and which have passed strict inspections conducted at our operation center, which is one of the largest in Japan.
The devices come with a free one-year product return guarantee and ample support after your purchase, so that you can buy second-hand smartphones cheaply and with peace of mind.

Belong One / Belong買取 for Biz

Belong One is a second-hand smartphone and tablet rental service with warranty included that is offered by Tokyo Century Corporation and Belong Inc. You can cut your company's communications expenses with these low prices and warranty included.
Belong Kaitori for Biz is a mass purchase and collection service of smartphones and tablets for corporations.
Our Zama Operation Center handles millions of devices and implements appropriate data deletion based on refined operations.

Orico Card THE POINT


This a credit card with no annual fees and a high reward point rate of at least 1%, with cardholders earning one Orico Point for every ¥100 shopping purchase.In addition, the reward point rate doubles to 2% six months after becoming a cardholder.
When used for online shopping at the Orico MalI, cardholders earn points for using the card (at a rate of 1.0%), plus reward points on purchases made using Orico mall (+0.5% or more), plus special reward points (0.5%), earning them Orico points at a rate of 2% or more. Earned points can be exchanged in real time for various gift cards and points including Amazon gift cards and WAON electronic money points.
In the case of online applications, it takes as little as 8 business days to get a credit card after being notified of approval. Given the diverse lineup of Orico Cards, consumers can choose the card which best suits their lifestyle.

Famima T-Card (FamilyMart/Pocketcard co-branded card)


·No joining fee or annual fees.
·Quickly build up your T Points total at FamilyMart and other participating stores!
·Only credit card that can be charged with the Famipay app!
·Special prices for members only : Even more savings with special prices for members on selected bargain products!
·In addition to using FamiPort terminals located in FamilyMart stores, payments can also be made at the register at any time.(up to three times a day)
·Choose between making minimum payments/ lump-sum payments.
·Be sure to also register for Famima T Card ID. For even faster checkout!

P-one Card <Standard> (Pocketcard Co., Ltd.)

Loaded with special offers that go easy on the household budget!


·Shoppers enjoy a 1% discount.
·Monthly payment by credit card may be automatically discounted at the time of billing.
·No cumbersome procedures are necessary because the 1% discount is given automatically at the time of billing.
·Snagging savings while shopping with the card, anything you buy is always a little bit better when you get a great deal.

ZOZOCARD(ZOZO/Pocketcard co-branded card)

·Offers to members
ZOZO cardholders can earn ZOZO Points at a rate of 5% on ZOZOTOWN and at a rate of 1% elsewhere!
·Card can be used immediately on ZOZOTOWN if applied for online! (No need to wait for the physical card to arrive)
·No joining fee or annual fees

Gaika NEXT neo

Gaika NEXT neo is an FX service provided by, a company celebrating its 20th anniversary.
It is full of practical features such as one of the industry’s smallest spreads and free transaction commissions. Providing those new to investing with support and offering useful tools also make the service attractive.
The service is compatible with a total of 30 currency pairs which can be transacted using a computer, smartphone or iPad application or any other way the customer wishes.
Accepting inquiries round-the-clock,* the company has a reliable and solid system supporting customers in their FX investments.
(*Only account-related inquiries may be accepted between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. (or 6 a.m. on Saturdays during daylight saving time))

Rakuraku FX Tsumitate

Rakuraku FX Tsumitate is a service for beginning investors and people with no experience investing to engage in FX more comfortably and easily while minimizing risks.
In Rakuraku FX Tsumitate, you can make an order even in a single currency unit and can easily begin accumulating assets through FX.
It is also possible to set up regular purchases. All you have to do is set four items to automatically purchase currencies in accordance with the conditions you have set. You do not need to check rates every day.
Leverage, a characteristic of FX, can be set in accordance with your investment style. For example, you may start at low leverage so you can gradually become accustomed to it and, once you have improved, increase your leverage.