Products & Services

SKY PerfecTV!


On offer are 260 selected channels with plenty of programming for your enjoyment, making up the largest paid multi-channel broadcasting service in Japan.
The service is jam-packed with popular content such as Space Shower TV, Japan’s largest music channel. The service has now expanded to SKY PerfecTV! On-Demand, a video-on-demand service that allows you to not only enjoy these popular SKY PerfecTV! channels on your television, but from your PC, smartphone or tablet devices as well.
SKY PerfecTV! is also leading the industry in the delivery of 4K video content as it continually strives to provide services that will satisfy its customers.

Orico Card (Orient Corporation)


The “ClassMile” points service of the Orico Card features the highest level of return rates in the industry. In addition, it is possible to earn double to tenfold the number of points when purchasing goods from shops that are affiliated with the Orico Mall (a retail points site operated by Orico). It is also possible to have the card issued as soon as three working days after submitting the online application. With an ample lineup that includes standard, revolving credit, and gold cards as well as portrait-style designs, there is a card to suit every lifestyle.

MOTTAINAI Card (ITOCHU Corporation / MOTTAINAI Campaign Office / Orient Corporation)


When shopping with the MOTTAINAI Card, the card issuer (Orico) donates 0.5% of its fees to projects involved with afforestation and protection of the global environment via the MOTTAINAI Campaign Office.
Printed on PET-G cards which do no emit toxic substances even if they are incinerated.
All card application forms are printed on recycled paper using environmentally friendly materials that emit minimal toxic substances when the ink is dry.

Famima T Card


·No annual membership fee.
·Quickly build up your T Points total at FamilyMart and other participating stores!

·Triple points if you shop on card days (Tuesday and Saturday), with up to five times the points for credit card usage!
·Special prices for members only : Even more savings with special prices for members on selected bargain products!
·In addition to using FamiPort terminals located in FamilyMart stores, payments can also be made at the register at any time.
·Choose between making minimum payments/ lump-sum payments.
·If you have a Famima T Card and are using a docomo cell phone, you can make payments even more quickly by registering your Famima T Card iD.

P-one Card (Pocketcard Co., Ltd.)

Loaded with special offers that go easy on the household budget!


·1% shopping discount
The discount is automatically applied when billing for monthly card usage.
Supported for use anywhere in the world, the card provides a solid sense of savings for everyday scenarios!
·No annual membership fee

magaseek card (MAGASeek Corporation / Pocketcard Co., Ltd.)


·Special offers at enrollment
A gift of 1000 magaseek points to use for shopping at MAGASeek when enrolling as a card member
·Offers to members
When using the magaseek card on the MAGASeek website you collect magaseek points!

·No annual membership fee

  • *MAGASeek is an internet shop for purchasing the latest items featured in popular fashion magazines such as CanCam, Ray, JJ, MORE, with etc.