Insurance Brokerage and Risk Solutions

In the insurance business, we aim to provide society with safety and security by managing the risks that are growing more diversified, complex and gigantic.

ITOCHU Orico Insurance Services Co., Ltd.


For half a century since 1951, we operated an insurance distribution business at ITOCHU Insurance Group. We have nurtured our know-how and experience over a long time and today we are at the top level of all aspects of the insurance distribution business including purchasing and selling power for insurance products, technological skill to build insurance products matched to client needs, and claim service capability when an insured event occurs. In addition, we have all the structures in place from product sales led by the maker (insurance company) to constructing and selling products that are suited to client needs. With our sales motto, from product-out to market-in, we provide ideal and optimum risk solutions from the standpoint of the customer via four locations in Japan, as well as ITOCHU functionality to other insurance distributor.

Cosmos Risk Solutions Co., Ltd.


Cosmos Risk Solutions Co., Ltd. mainly engages in insurance brokerage and risk consulting for business corporations.The company provides customers (policyholders) with comprehensive advice on risk management (risk analysis, verification and specific plans for the diversification of risks and risk hedging) by fully utilizing the expertise it has accumulated through the many different projects that the ITOCHU Corporation Group has been involved in or received orders for overseas.
In 2022, Cosmos Services Co., Ltd and Siam Cosmos Services Co., Ltd. became our subsidiaries. The former is an insurance broker of the ITOCHU Corporation Group and is headquartered in Hong Kong while the latter is headquartered in Thailand.
The two companies handle reinsurance brokerage for insurance companies around the world, mainly in Asia, and also engage in original insurance brokerage which involves brokering insurance products mainly for corporate customers.
Our domestic subsidiaries include FM Insurance Service, an insurance agency that brokers insurance products related to the operation of the stores of FamilyMart Co., Ltd. and provides related services.
Cosmos Risk Solutions Co., Ltd. pursues continued business expansion. An example is to develop new businesses by strengthening domestic and international partnership with the abovementioned companies of the ITOCHU Corporation Group.
For inquiries about insurance brokerage and risk consulting, please get in touch via the website.

Gardia, Inc.


Gardia provides credit guarantee services for no-shows at restaurants and accommodation facilities, and for subscription service providers.
As a pioneer in the retail credit guarantee business, Gardia offers new guarantee services to level diverse individual risks and develops corporate credit guarantee and related services.