Paper and Pulp Business

ITOCHU Invested in One of the World’s Leading Pulp Producers


In the paper and pulp business, ITOCHU has a 25% stake in Metsa Fibre Oy. Based in Finland, it is one of the world's largest softwood pulp producers.
It has four pulp mills in Finland and produces more than 3 million tons of pulp. In 2023, it plans to increase its production capacity to around 4 million tons. This will make it the world leader in the quantity of pulp supplied to the market. Its pulp milling process generates electricity. It supplies any surplus power it has after its own consumption of electricity to the surrounding areas. The power it supplies is around 20% of the bioenergy generated in Finland. This significantly aids the conservation of the regional environment.
ITOCHU will continue enhancing its business through joint actions with these excellent partners.