Exploiting a Global Network to Deliver Diverse Services

Involved in automobile exports since Japan began exporting automobiles in the 1950s, ITOCHU has been contributing to the development of Japan’s automobile industry. We have been helping to enrich the motoring lives of customers around the world, by providing highly reliable Japanese automobiles to the markets worldwide, while steadily developing a sales and service network.
Through marketing that capitalizes on our global network, we provide the optimal products for each market as well as a comprehensively broad range of flexible functions suited to the needs of markets and customers, including export-financing and inventory control.
For example, in Hungary, we have been developing automobile businesses with Suzuki Motor Corporation in a multifaceted way. As well as participating in manufacturing operations, we are developing distribution for manufacturing parts and finished goods; opening up the markets of neighboring countries and developing export operations; and building wholesale, retail sales, and equipment-related businesses. Further, in response to the structural changes in the automobile industry in recent years, we have been broadening the scope of our activities to include upstream and downstream areas, such as materials, parts manufacturing, distribution, retail, and finance-related operations.
These include parts-related business in China and retail sales in the United States.
In Japan, we are pursuing a multifaceted approach to the entire automobile industry by investing in Yanase & Co. Ltd., a dealership specializes in import luxury cars; and Century Tokyo Leasing Corporation, a major leasing company. ITOCHU will further broaden its field of business while giving full play to its comprehensive capabilities and enhancing synergies among the Company and Group companies in Japan and abroad.

Isuzu Business

Supplying Isuzu Commercial Vehicles to Countries Worldwide

Isuzu Motors Limited has been an important business partner since 1971, when ITOCHU arranged a partnership between Isuzu and General Motors Company of the United States. Now, we sell Isuzu products worldwide, including Japan and the United States.
Isuzu is a first-class manufacturer of commercial vehicles. We are involved with operations for the sale of Isuzu products in Japan, North America, Latin America, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and other regions worldwide. Currently, we handle more than half of the Commercial Vehicles that Isuzu sells around the world.
Moreover, we are further strengthening our partnership through equity participation in Isuzu distributors in the United States, Japan, Vietnam, and Turkey.
In Japan, we are the only general trading company to be involved in a domestic commercial vehicle business. ITOCHU and Isuzu operate a joint venture of commercial vehicle leasing and used car distribution in pursuit of the popularization of LCA (lifecycle assessment) for the implementation of CASE in society and the achievement of a carbon-neutral society.
With rising concern about environmental issues, restrictions on exhaust gas and fuel consumption are strengthening all over the world. We believe that our mission is to provide environment-friendly products that meet current needs. Accordingly, we intend to deliver Isuzu products equipped with world-class environmental technologies to customers in countries around the world.