Financial & Insurance Business

Retail Finance

In Japan, ITOCHU is involved in the credit card/credit sales business, with a total of around 16 million credit card holders, through capital participation in POCKET CARD CO., LTD. and Orient Corporation (listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange).
Overseas, we are conducting the business of unsecured loans to individuals through capital participation in United Asia Finance Limited in Hong Kong and China and EASY BUY Public Co., Ltd. in Thailand. In addition, First Response Finance Limited, which is our wholly-owned subsidiary in the UK, is involved in the car finance business in Thailand through Orico Auto Leasing (Thailand) Ltd. In recent years, we also established ACOM CONSUMER FINANCE CORPORATION jointly with ACOM CO., LTD. and entered the business of unsecured loans for individuals in the Philippines. Through initiatives such as these, we will continue working to provide financial services which meet the needs of individuals, focusing on Asia where the middle-income group is expected to expand in the future.

In recent years, we have also been strengthening our offer of unique financial services, providing various products and services such as remittance, payment, asset management and insurance to meet the needs of customers. In addition to making strategic business investment in Paidy Inc., an online post-pay settlement service operator, ITOCHU also entered the salary prepayment service business through MONEY COMMUNICATIONS INC. Overseas, we are providing P2P lending services in Indonesia through PT Pasar Dana Pinjaman, a joint venture with Indonesia's Sinar Mas Group. Moving forward, we will push ahead with the acquisition of new financial capabilities, providing various financial services according to needs. We will also create advanced, more user-friendly next-generation services through collaboration with FinTech startups and make these available to enterprises and consumers.

Finance for Companies

ITOCHU leverages its trading company capabilities to provide and optimal financial solutions and services, including funding, to meet the needs of enterprises both in Japan and overseas. Overseas, we provide yuan-denominated leases primarily to Japanese companies operating in China through Tokyo Century Leasing China Corporation, a joint venture with Tokyo Century Corporation.

Insurance Shops and Retail Insurance


In 2014, ITOCHU made a full-scale entry into the retail life insurance intermediary business through its investment into Hoken no Madoguchi Group Inc., the leading insurance agency which has over 700 retail insurance shop network countrywide. HOKEN NO MADOGUCHI deals with companies face-to-face on a day-to-day basis, in line with its corporate philosophy of being “an excellent and the most caring company for customers,” and it enjoys strong customer support for proposing insurance products which best meet customer needs. ITOCHU has sent many officers and employees on secondment to HOKEN NO MADOGUCHI to promote its further growth and development and is deeply involved in its business management. Moving forward, ITOCHU will leverage HOKEN NO MADOGUCHI as its base in the retail insurance field to expand the business further.

Insurance Brokerage

With respect to insurance for trade transactions, ITOCHU provides high value-added marine cargo insurance, trade credit insurance and other risk solutions, utilizing know-how cultivated with years of experience as a general trading company.
In Japan, besides the arrangement of insurance for ITOCHU's imports and exports and overseas projects, ITOCHU Orico Insurance Services Co., Ltd. offers highly useful insurance products in light of increasingly diversified and complex risks, as the optimal solutions for customers including both corporate clients and individuals. I&T Risk Solutions Co., Ltd., utilizes know-how cultivated in risk management related to ITOCHU’s overseas business to propose a variety of risk solutions as an insurance broker.
Overseas, under the "Cosmos" brand name, ITOCHU has built the largest Japanese global brokerage network, with nodes in Hong Kong, Thailand and Vietnam, and is working to increase transactions in local markets through activities such as the rollout of motorbike insurance in Asia. We are also actively expanding new initiatives, for example, collaborating with True Corporation, a mobile service provider in Thailand, to launch pet insurance on a trial basis.

Reinsurance and Credit Guarantee

NEWGT Reinsurance Co., Ltd., a single-parent captive of ITOCHU, mainly reinsures risks from affiliated and related companies of ITOCHU, with the marine cargo business as its major line. Meanwhile, eGuarantee, Inc. (listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange) is a guarantee specialist whose largest shareholder is ITOCHU. As the only listed company in Japan with the unique business model of undertaking and liquidating credit risks, it underwrites credit risks such as sales credits and bills owned by large companies, small and medium enterprises, and financial institutions, helping to facilitate transactions between businesses. In 2019, ITOCHU entered the retail risk guarantee business of by investing in Gardia, Inc., which operates the retail credit guarantee business. As a pioneer in the retail credit guarantee business sector, Gardia provides new guarantee services, using technology to define diverse retail risks such as the risk of "No Show" at restaurants and shows.