Financial & Insurance Business

M&A and Finance for Companies and Projects

Overseas, in April 2011, ITOCHU has concluded a Memorandum of Agreement on a Comprehensive Strategic Alliance with major Chinese government-run conglomerate CITIC Group (hereinafter “CITIC”), with the aim of exploring alliances across a wide range of business fields. At the same time, we participated in investment in CITIC International Assets Management (hereinafter “CIAM”), a financial business firm under the CITIC Group, as the first project of the strategic alliance. CIAM operates a dept/equity financing business for growth companies and businesses in China that utilizes its own funds, and an asset management business where it is entrusted with third-party funds. ITOCHU plans to harness the financial business expertise, human resources, and networks that CIAM possesses to expand profits in the Chinese financial market, which is expected to continue to grow into the future.
Since 2006, when ITOCHU jointly established Century Tokyo Leasing China Corporation with Century Tokyo Leasing Corporation, the business entity has offered finance lease services such as yuan-based leases to Japanese companies operating in the Chinese market and leases for blue-chip Chinese corporations utilizing the ITOCHU Group’s networks.
Domestically, ITOCHU will provide the optimal financial solutions and services according to the life cycles of client companies and their project needs through private equity funds and finance companies, such as M&A and funding that effectively use the functions of a trading firm.

Global Retail Finance

Overseas, we are involved in the financial services business at Hong Kong, China, Thailand, and also the United Kingdom. In Hong Kong and China, we are moving into the business of unsecured loans to individuals through the equity position we took in United Asia Finance Limited in 1996. In Thailand, we have been engaged with the business of unsecured loans to individuals and consumer credit since 1996 through our investment in Easy Buy Public Co., Ltd. In the United Kingdom, in 1999 we established First Response Finance Limited, which operates an auto loan business.
In Japan, we are also developing the credit card and consumer credit business through our investment in Orient Corporation and Pocketcard Co., Ltd. (acquired Famima Credit Corporation in September,2012.)

Insurance Brokerage


With respect to insurance for trade transactions, ITOCHU provides high value-added marine cargo insurance, trade credit insurance and other risk solutions, utilizing know-how cultivated with years of experience as a general trading company.
In Japan, ITOCHU Orico Insurance Services Co., Ltd. offers highly useful insurance products in light of increasingly diversified and complex risks, as the optimal solutions for customers including both corporate clients and individuals. And I&T Risk Solutions Co., Ltd. provides overall risk mangement services as an insurance broker, utilizing know-how cultivated in ITOCHU’s overseas business to propose a variety of risk solutions. In addition, in June 2014, ITOCHU made a full-scale entry into the retail life insurance intermediary business through its investment into Hoken no Madoguchi Group Inc., the leading insurance agency who has over 500 retail insurance shop network countrywide.
Overseas, under the "Cosmos" brand name, ITOCHU has built the largest Japanese global brokerage network, with nodes in Hong Kong, London, Thailand, Vietnam, and Taiwan. Besides offering solutions to Japan-affiliated firms in Asia and other countries, we are building up cross-border reinsurance broking business as well as retail insurance solutions in local markets . In London, we are the first Japan-affiliated firm recognized as a Lloyd’s broker. In September 2012, Cosmos Services (Vietnam) Limited Liability Company was founded to provide a membership-based service including insurance for motorcycle users in Vietnam as a move for further expansion of global insurance business in Asia and worldwide.



In November 2012, ITOCHU formed a business alliance with Antares Managing Agency Limited (“Antares”), which runs a syndicate at Lloyd’s of London (“Lloyd’s”) in the United Kingdom, the world’s largest insurance market, to enter into business at Lloyd’s by means of underwriting reinsurance from the syndicate. ITOCHU has established strategic relationship with Antares and jointly develop reinsurance business opportunities. Lloyd’s aims for diversification of capital and human resources as well as expansion of underwriting portfolio from emerging countries. ITOCHU’s entry into Lloyd’s coincides with this.

Credit Guarantee

eGuarantee, Inc. is a guarantee specialist. As the only listed company in Japan with its unique business model of undertaking and liquidating credit risks, it offers credit guarantee solutions for risks such as sales credits and bills owned by large companies, small and medium enterprises, and financial institutions, helping to facilitate transactions between businesses.