Non-Ferrous Products and Metal Materials Trading, Recycling-related Business and Waste Management

As one of the key operating companies under the Metals & Minerals Company, ITOCHU Metals Corporation promotes businesses including non-ferrous products and metal materials trading, investment in project of aluminum parts manufacturing, metal recycling and industrial waste management. Within the several business fields, the importance of recycling-related business and the appropriate processing of industrial waste is growing given its direct connection with the social needs for efficient and effective use of resources.
ITOCHU’s involvement in the metal recycling field boasts a history of over 50 years. During the years we have created a nationwide network of recycling companies (ITOCHU Tetsugen-kai), which has become the core of the ITOCHU Group’s recycling network.
In the field of recycling business promotion, we are developing a wide range of services, such as waste management, in order to realize the principles of the Basic Law for Establishing the Recycling-based Society. This law promotes efforts aimed to reduce the load on environment through the 3Rs+W (reduce, reuse, recycle + waste management) creating a recycling-oriented society.