As of April 1, 2015


Apparel Division 1

The Apparel Division, always focused on quality manufacturing, boasts manufacturing capability suffi cient to handle a full range of apparel products, from fashion for men and women to uniforms, and other types of functional garments. Moreover, we develop business opportunities in response to myriad customer needs by making the most of our abilities to off er raw materials advice, plan production, and provide distribution networks. Also, with partner and group companies based in Japan and overseas, we draw on comprehensive strengths inherent in ITOCHU, enabling us to achieve our goal of providing premium-quality, high-valueadded products and services.

Apparel Division 2

The Textile Material & Fabric Division engages in the founding business of ITOCHU, and has consistently pursued innovation based on the company's traditions that have been handed down uninterrupted since our beginnings. Today, not only do we remain engaged in business involving textile raw materials such as fibers and yarns, but we also make the most of our global bases of operation to develop opportunities in a diverse range of other areas including textiles, shirts, innerwear, uniforms, casual wear, including textiles sourced from domestic textile producing regions. We do our utmost to pursue business ventures involving value-added products, particularly those that yield trade opportunities, and all the while we stand poised at the forefront of the textile industry as we continue our forward evolution bolstered by ITOCHU's textile business origins.

Brand Marketing Division 1

Centering on "brand" as its main strategy, the Brand Marketing Division 1 has been involved in a variety of business models. Not only does it import, but engages in a variety of activities, such as licensing arrangements to manufacture brand-name products, mergers and acquisitions, and management participation. In addition to apparel products in a wide range of areas including luxury apparel, sportswear, and casual wear, we also handle a large number of brands associated with functional materials, shoes, handbags, accessories, and other fashion products. We work with over 250 companies that act as sub-licensees and distributors to maximize brand value in global markets, as we step up to the challenges posed by new business models.

Brand Marketing Division 2

Th e Brand Marketing Division 2 continues to focus on brands while expanding distinctive business ventures of the division that transcend business sectors and types. In the area of brands, we pursue opportunities not only in apparel, but also in the food and living lifestyle categories, and develop comprehensive business ventures in the overall consumer-related products sector. Moreover, in the area of industrial textiles, we off er a full range of fiber-related materials that incorporate cutt ing-edge technologies and high functionality, and that include everything from industrial textiles used in motor vehicles to non-woven fabrics used in paper diapers. We are also engaged in the area of e-commerce where we off er our customers the latest sales platforms.