As of April 1, 2021


Apparel Division

These divisions handle textile raw materials, the business which gave rise to ITOCHU’s founding. The Apparel Divisions continue to pursue innovation based on corporate traditions that have been handed down uninterrupted since ITOCHU’s beginnings. Through our global operation bases, we remain active in a diverse range of fashion-related business areas, including textile raw materials, accessory materials, fashion (both men’s and women’s), sportswear, and work uniforms. Also, with partner companies based in Japan and overseas, we draw on ITOCHU’s comprehensive strengths to provide high-value-added products and services.

Brand Marketing Division 1

With a brand focus as its main strategy, the Brand Marketing Division 1 has been involved in a variety of business models. Not only does the Division import goods, it also engages in a variety of activities, for example, entering licensing arrangements to manufacture brand-name products, pursuing mergers and acquisitions, and engaging in management participation. In addition to a wide range of apparel products, including luxury apparel, sportswear, and casual wear, we handle a large number of brands associated with shoes, handbags, accessories, and other fashion goods. We work with many companies that act as sub-licensees and distributors to maximize brand value in global markets.

Brand Marketing Division 2

This brand-focused business began with the import of European menswear fabrics. The Division continues to focus on fashion brands while expanding businesses beyond conventional industry sectors and types. Currently, we are developing comprehensive business ventures, including one for e-commerce platforms. Moreover, in the area of industrial textiles, we are expanding business globally and offering a full range of fiber-related materials that provide high functionality and cutting-edge technology. These solutions range from automotive components to non-woven fabrics for paper diapers.