As of April 1, 2023


Apparel Division

The Apparel Division handles textile raw materials, the business which gave rise to ITOCHU’s founding. We continue to pursue innovation while holding our unchanging tradition at the base of all businesses. Through our global operation bases, we remain active in a diverse range of fashion-related business areas, including textile raw materials, accessory materials, fashion (both men’s and women’s), sportswear, and work uniforms. Also, with partner companies based in Japan and overseas, we draw on ITOCHU’s comprehensive strengths to provide high-value-added products and services.

Brand Marketing Division

Businesses of the Brand Marketing Division are centered around brands and include importing, combining licensing with brand businesses, manufacturing products of brands, and engaging in M&A, hence participating in brands’ management. We handle luxury, sport and casual apparel, and brands for footwear, bags and accessories, and maximize the value of each brand together with various sub-licensees and sub-distributors. In the field of textile materials, we are developing our businesses globally with our advanced technologies and high functionality, and the various materials we handle from automotive parts to nonwoven fabric for paper diapers.