Midstream Distribution


In food distribution and marketing, the establishment of ITOCHU Shokuhin Co., Ltd. in 1996 through a merger with two wholesale companies with capital ties to ITOCHU facilitated the setup of a nationwide distribution system for processed foods. ITOCHU Shokuhin was listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in March 2001. NIPPON ACCESS, Inc. was merged with Nishino Trading Co., Ltd. in April 2007, and from March 2011, a merger was carried out in stages with ITOCHU Fresh Corporation, which handles the three main fresh food products of livestock, seafood, and fruit & vegetables, Universal Food Co., Ltd., which is engaged in contract operation and management of food service-related businesses, and Family Corporation Inc. which is involved in food-related distribution and the contract operation of distribution centers. Based on this merger, we lead the industry in terms of size, and we have put in place a system as a high value-added wholesaler able to respond fully to diverging needs. Under this organizational structure, ITOCHU is seeking to raise collective group strengths and competitiveness and bolster its earnings base with a view to becoming a leading company in the food industry.