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“Straight from the sun to the table” ? the Dole motto positions carefully selected quality first and second. Using a proprietary quality control system, Dole has total control from producing the fruit to processing, distributing and marketing and provides a stable supply of high quality, safe fruit. Today as in the past, the bedrock of Dole is fresh taste and high quality.



Evian is a brand of natural mineral water that takes about 15 years to circulate through the superb natural environment of the French Alps. With a good balance of natural calcium and magnesium, Evian is a hard water that is pleasing to the Japanese palate. It provides minerals that are often in short supply in the daily diet and it is the smart way to replenish moisture. The stylish Evian brand is sold in approximately 130 countries worldwide and is popular with celebrities.



Lotus Biscoff – the original caramelized biscuit – is a delicious distinctive, sweet and crunchy biscuit. The unique caramelised taste – created by a special, traditional baking process – makes Lotus Biscoff the ideal biscuit for all the family to enjoy throughout the day.
Perhaps you’re at home enjoying a freshly made cup of tea or coffee and want a tasty sweet biscuit to go with it. Or, maybe you’re looking for a handy sweet snack for you and your family to enjoy.

St. Dalfour


Grape juice, not sugar, is used to sweeten the St. Dalfour all fruit jams. It is possible to taste the natural fruit as the brand uses absolutely no preservatives and coloring. Since the fruit content is generous, there are many ways to enjoy eating the jam: as a topping for ice cream and yoghurt, for example, or filling for a pie shell and baked as fruit pie, or served with crepes or pancakes.
Widely known in the French countryside, the recipe for St. Dalfour all fruit jam has been faithfully handed down over the generations and is now delivered to 120 countries worldwide.



A single piece of carefully selected hazelnut and cocoa hazelnut cream are contained in a round wafer covered with chocolate of elegant taste and crushed hazelnuts, creating a delicious and harmonious quartette.
It is a chocolate confectionery featuring a subdued sweetness with crispy texture and aromatic taste. The superb Italian product in a bright gold package is perfect for gifts and parties.



Nutella, which debuted in 1964, enjoys popularity as a hazelnut spread containing cocoa, essential for the breakfast of every family. It is sold in more than 200 countries around the world today.
The aroma and mild taste of hazelnut matches the flavor of cocoa superbly, creating a rich aroma and a deep taste unlike those of ordinary chocolate creams.
Nutella can be served to children without worry because it uses seven simple ingredients and does not contain any preservatives or coloring. Make a good start to the day with tasty Nutella.



SPAM® is a canned product of minced pork and spices that are kneaded together and cooked. It is consumed in 80 countries worldwide including the United States and the United Kingdom. In Okinawa, it is an everyday food, as it is in neighboring Korea, where the product enjoys broad-based popularity as a very familiar food.
SPAM® is used as an ingredient in many dishes including SPAM® rice balls in Hawaii and goya stir-fries in Okinawa.
The SPAM ® official webpages introduce a selection of recipes for SPAM®.

Try the SPAM® product developed for Japanese tastes with two thirds of the salt content of the variety that is sold in the United States.



Euglena is a micro alga which is rich in essential amino acid, vitamins, minerals, and other sources of nutrients necessary for the human body. It is a food ingredient providing a single source of nutrients from meat, fish, and vegetables. Euglenas can grow through photosynthesis even in environments with a high concentration of carbon dioxide. In addition, the fuel made by refining fat extracted from euglenas is extremely light and so can be used as jet fuel for airplanes.
With these broad potential applications, euglena is a new food material which is friendly to people and the planet.