Real Estate Development Business

We develop, sell, and provide operation/management services for properties that include residential housing (including condominiums), logistics facilities, commercial facilities, and office buildings.
Utilizing our advantage as a general trading company that receives countless pieces of information every day, we pursue synergies by collaborating organically with Division Companies and we develop and provide services by exploiting a value chain that extends from development and construction through to sales, management and operational services, leasing, brokering, and distribution.

Rental apartments and condominiums


CREVIA, the ITOCHU Group’s brand of condominium apartments, proposes rewarding lifestyles. A Good Design Award winner for 14 years running, ITOCHU Property Development, Ltd. offers diverse services, ranging from urban redevelopment to condominium reconstruction and tower condominium development. Meanwhile, in the rental apartment segment, ITOCHU has remained a competitive force for many years through a value chain that extends from development through to management and REIT management.

Logistics facilities


ITOCHU moved into the logistics sector ahead of its competitors in 2004 when it created a private fund specializing in logistics facilities and became involved in the securitization of logistics real estate. Based on the customer needs that we identified by aggressively utilizing a commercial distribution plus logistics network, we have focused on developing a large number of BTS (Build-to-Suit) logistics facilities aimed at specific customers in Japan. Moreover, to meet changes in customer needs and supply chains in recent years, we are also expanding the business of multitenant logistics facilities. Alongside ITOCHU Advance Logistics Investment Corporation, a REIT specializing in logistics created with the ITOCHU Group as Sponsor, ITOCHU is working to further strengthen the logistics real estate value chain.

Business solutions


We make full use of our retailer network, sophisticated finance techniques and other resources as a general trading company to provide solutions to partner and tenant companies. For example, we harness synergy among ITOCHU Group companies to develop made-to-order hotel and commercial facilities and draw on the capabilities and expertise accumulated through the development of apartments and condominiums to develop student accommodation for domestic and overseas students. In collaboration with Mercuria Investment Co., Ltd., we have also formed a fund that will invest in venture companies operating in the real estate and logistics sectors to develop next-generation businesses.