As of April 1, 2016


Plant Project, Marine & Aerospace Division

Plant Project & Marine Division comprises the Marine Department, the Plant Project Department, the Power Project Department, and the Aerospace Department. In the Marine area, we deal in transactions involving new, second hand, and chartered vessels, as well as owning our own fleet of ships. In Plant Project area, we find and develop new projects for oil, gas and petrochemical plants, electric power plants, transportation infrastructure, and fields related to environment, and we are investing widely in projects such as EPC, project financing and Independent Water Power Producers (IWPP). We are also committed to eco-friendly projects, operating environmental and renewable energy-related businesses such as water resources, geothermal and wind power, and EfW.
With a history spanning half a century in the aerospace area, we are developing businesses in defense, space, commercial aircraft and security. Managed globally by a network that includes facilities in Japan, the United States, and Europe, we are aiming to provide solutions that respond swiftly and accurately to market needs in the aerospace sector.

Automobile Division

This Division consists of three automobile business related departments.
The Automobile Department No.1 manages trade and trade related projects (responsible for business in Asia, Europe, Russia, Central and South America, the Middle East, and Africa), in addition to developing retail business, financial business and automobile parts business in Japan and worldwide. Through marketing that capitalizes on our global network, we provide the optimal products for each market as well as a comprehensively broad range of flexible functions, including export-financing and inventory control.
Isuzu Business Department No.1 and Isuzu Business Department No.2 undertake a variety of initiatives with Isuzu Motors Limited all over the world, including the Americas, Asia, Africa, and the Middle and Near East. In Japan, we have established a sales company for Isuzu cars and undertake domestic sales of commercial vehicles. We are the only trading company that is involved in domestic sales of commercial vehicles.

Construction Machinery & Industrial Machinery Division

This Division consists of two departments: the Construction Machinery Department and the Industrial Machinery & Healthcare Business Department.
The Construction Machinery Department is involved in trade and business development of small and large-scale machinery. This department engages in a wide range of businesses, from the manufacture to the sale of a variety of construction machines in North America, Africa, the ASEAN region, and Asia. In Japan, we provide a variety of construction materials and equipment, not to mention construction machinery, with ITOCHU CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY CO., LTD. playing the central role.
The Industrial Machinery & Healthcare Business Department operates in a broad array of fields, including the trading of equipment related to the environment and medical equipment, in including the trading of equipment related to the environment and medical equipment, in addition to imports, exports, and domestic sales of general industrial machinery for food, fibers, plastics, and machine tools.