Plant Project, Marine & Aerospace

Plant Project

From Conventional Large-Scale Project Development to Future Energy Initiatives


In the plant project field, we bring to bear the collective strengths of a trading company, including information gathering and development capabilities obtained through involvement in international projects over many years. Our expertise, including Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services, finance structuring capacity, investment and coordinating functions among stakeholders, contributes to the successful realization of projects in the field of oil, gas and petrochemicals; power generation and transmission; and social and transportation infrastructure such as railways, bridges, and ports. In recent years, moreover, we have been expanding our business field into water and environmental related projects, which include seawater desalination facilities and power generation from geothermal sources, wind, biomass, or waste.
We not only undertake EPC initiatives, which we advance in collaboration with heavy industry, heavy electric machinery, and engineering companies, but also undertake project financing, project investment, M&A, and operation and maintenance for projects.

Electric Power

We are involved in various aspects of power generation projects. These include construction and refurbishment projects for all types of power plants worldwide, the Independent Power Producer (IPP) businesses, investment in and the operation of new and existing power stations, as well as the operation and maintenance businesses.
We are building a business portfolio that can help reduce emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs) by proactively advancing power generation that utilizes renewable energy sources, such as geothermal, wind, solar, and biomass.

Oil, Gas and petrochemical plants

Focusing on oil-producing countries and emerging countries around the world, we pursue projects relating to oil and gas development and production, refineries, LNG, the petrochemical industry, and energy infrastructure. We realize a wide variety of projects as a project developer by bringing to bear comprehensive capabilities and performing diverse functions, which mainly range from project identification/formation, EPC, financing structuring, coordination of raw materials supply and off-taking of final products, structuring international consortia, and project investment.

Water Resources・Environment

Having positioned water resources as one of our top priority sectors, we intend to actively focus on desalination, water supply and sewage projects. In 2009, we decided to participate in Australia’s largest desalination project. Construction was completed and commercial operations got underway in December 2012. In the water supply sector, we invested in supply services provided by Bristol Water, a British company providing a full range of services from water source management to billing, in May 2012.
In the environmental sector, we are involved in a number of waste treatment and generation ("Energy from Waste") projects, particularly in the U.K., and intend to actively expand activities into other regions in the future, including emerging countries.

Transportation and Infrastructure

To cater to growing demand for railways, roads, bridges, ports, airport facilities and other forms of infrastructure, particularly in emerging countries, we are promoting projects through alliances with Japanese and overseas manufacturers.
In the railway sector, we concluded an agreement to deliver machinery for subway cars to a municipal subway enterprise in Kiev, Ukraine, in October 2012. Furthermore, in 2014, we secured a public-private partnership contract to provide trains to the government of Queensland, Australia, under which we have now begun commercial operations.
In the port sector, Lach Huyen Port (for which we obtained a contract in 2011) opened in 2018. In the bridge sector, Turkey’s longest suspension bridge, the Izmit Bay Bridge (for which we reached a contract in 2011), opened in 2016.


Supporting Shipping not only in Japan but around the World


Accounting for approximately 30% of shipbuilding worldwide, Japan’s shipbuilding industry plays a leading role in the international market. With this as a backdrop, we fully realize our functions as a trading company, which enables us to provide comprehensive high-value-added solutions such as brokering new and secondhand vessels, providing ship financing and undertaking ship ownership and chartering. Accordingly, we have established a remarkable track record for providing services to shipping lines around the world, including North America, Europe, Asia, Japan, Latin America, and the Middle East. Recently, we have been extending the scope of our transaction activities beyond shipyards in Japan to include shipyards in Korea and China. We are also actively engaged in transportation projects for LNG and LPG, which are attracting attention as clean energies.

In collaboration with a prominent group of maritime companies (shipping lines, publishers, trading companies etc.) in Japan and Asia, we established MarineNet Co., Ltd. This company operates Marine Net, the first portal site for the shipping and shipbuilding industries in Japan, and provides maritime companies with consulting services that include the distribution of shipping and shipbuilding related information and ship valuation.


Operating aerospace-related businesses for government and the private sector


In the field of aircraft, we are expanding our businesses in areas related to defense, civil aircraft, aircraft leasing, space and security based on the excellent relationships we have built over many years with aerospace companies with world-leading advanced technological capabilities. These companies include The Boeing Company, Raytheon Company, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Northrop Grumman Corporation, and Honeywell International Inc.
With ITOCHU as the mainstay, Group companies, ITOCHU Aviation Co., Ltd. and Japan Aerospace Corporation in Japan, ITOCHU Aviation, Inc. and JAC USA in the United States undertake marketing and contract implementation in the field of defense and government business as well as private/business aircraft business. For civil airlines, we swiftly identify market needs in a wide range of business areas and provide precise business solutions through JAMCO Corporation, which operates an aircraft interior and maintenance business, and ITOCHU AirLease B.V. in the Netherlands, which leases commercial aircraft.