North American IPP

Hickory Run power plant construction site

In the Americas, we have made investments in power generation assets representing 7,500 MW in North America, the world’s largest electricity market, through our subsidiary Tyr Energy, Inc.
Recently, construction began on the Hickory Run power plant (Pennsylvania, 1,000 MW, natural gas combined-cycle), a greenfield project developed by ITOCHU and launched in 2017. Operation is scheduled to start in 2020. The Hickory Run power plant is our third new power plant in the United States. Going forward, we aim to further enhance our capabilities and realize business operations with even higher added value. Meanwhile, in the renewable energy sector, we made investments in the Kimball Wind and South Fork Wind Projects in March 2020. We are currently advancing six wind and solar power projects and plan to continue increasing our involvement in this sector in the future.
In power plant operation and maintenance services, NAES Corporation, another U.S. subsidiary, operates around 200 power plants representing 50,000 MW of gross capacity, mainly in North America. NAES Corporation has established itself as one of the world's largest third-party service providers in this field.
To comprehensively increase the added value of its operations and maintenance services, NAES Corporation is enhancing O&M functions and services related to remote transmission line operations, asset management, regulatory compliance, regular inspections, and electric facility construction.
To expand the electric power business, we are fully harnessing the ITOCHU Group's expertise, including the business investment, development, and asset management functions of Tyr Energy, Inc., as well as the operation and maintenance services of NAES Corporation.