North American IPP

Kiowa power plant

Tyr Energy Inc., ITOCHU’s power generation company, is stepping up investments in North America - the world's largest power market. In 2009, Tyr Energy has acquired partial interests in five natural gas-fired thermal power plants from Tenaska in partnership with Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc. On wind energy side, it also took ownership in CPV Keenan II wind project in Oklahoma in 2010 and in Shepherds Flat wind in Oregon in 2011.

In the power plant operation and maintenance services, NAES Corporation, another US subsidiary, has a track record of operation of over 200 power plants globally. We are fully harnessing the ITOCHU Group's expertise, including NAES Corporation's operation and maintenance services as well as the M&A, development and asset management functions of Tyr Energy Inc., in an effort to expand the electric power business.