Construction Machinery, Industrial Machinery & Healthcare

Construction Machinery

Contributing to the Development of Infrastructure around the World

We are expanding this business in two ways; one is to export various types of Construction Machinery and the other is to locally manufacture and wholesale Construction Machinery.

Our exporting business contributes to the development of infrastructure around the world, with a focus on emerging countries.
In the local manufacture and distribution of Construction Machinery, our businesses cater to the demand of each market. In North America, we manufacture and distribute small-to-medium-size Construction Machinery and Generators. In South Africa, we distribute Mining and Construction Machinery, while in Indonesia we are involved in local manufacture as well as distribution. In other emerging countries, we are promoting Mining and Construction Machinery by partnering with local dealerships. Meanwhile, in Japan ITOCHU Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., provides Construction Machinery as well as a full lineup of material and equipment for the construction field.

Industrial Machinery & Electronic Systems

Business Field from “Clothing, Food and Housing” to Electronics & Environment


In the industrial machinery & electronic systems field, we are dealing with not only traditional Industrial machineries such as machine tools, food machinery and textile machinery, but also production equipment and materials in advanced technology fields related to secondary batteries, displays and films, etc.
Recently, in response to a growing interest in environment and energy issue, we are concentrating on environmental products such as PET bottles recycling line and eco printers using water-base ink.
In addition to the distribution of products to industries, such as electronic parts and devices, we are also dealing with products which are directly linked with consumers, such as power-assisted bicycles and secondary batteries.
We are conducting trading businesses in various fields in cooperation with our two domestic business company, ITOCHU Machine-Technos Corporation and ITOCHU SysTech Corporation.


Contributing to Society by Providing Medical Devices, Emergency Medical Equipment, Disaster Supplies, Support for Hospital Management, and Others


We operate across a range of medical fields, including the provision of medical devices to medical institutions, the provision of emergency medical equipment, disaster-related supplies, and other items to the national government, local governments, hospitals, and companies, and the provision of support for hospital management.

In the medical device business area, we are expanding and improving distribution business through subsidiary Century Medical, Inc., which imports and distributes medical devices for a wide range of areas in the field of treatment and diagnosis.


In the business area related to emergency medical equipment and disaster supplies, we have jointly established “Japan Medical Partners,” a corporate alliance with various other companies aimed at making preparations to continue to provide medical services in Japan in the event of a disaster. Its objective is to provide the national government, local governments, hospitals, and companies with equipment, supplies, and other items to be used for first-aid treatment and the prevention of infection, which will be needed in the event of a medical emergency or a disaster, as a one-stop service.

In the area of hospital management support, Kobe Medical Care Partners Co., Ltd. provides service for the one-stop outsourcing of operations and management support of the Kobe City Medical Center General Hospital, as a PFI (Private Finance Initiative)*1 project, in which medical institutions are operated efficiently with partners under the initiative of private-sector companies.

  • *1PFI (private finance initiative): A method of social infrastructure development that entails using private-sector expertise and capital to design, construct, maintain, and operate public facilities as well as providing public services efficiently by having private-sector companies manage them.