Construction Machinery & Industrial Machinery

Construction Machinery

Contributing to the Development of Infrastructure around the World

We drive our Construction Machinery Lifecycle Strategy all over the world with the aim of expanding the value chains business from manufacturing and sale of construction and mining machinery, to providing the services of parts sales, after sales supports, financing, rental and sale of used machinery.
We have a track record of many years supporting sales of Hitachi Construction Machinery products all over the world, including sales and finance joint ventures in Indonesia. After the capital alliance with Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd, we have started business collaboration, as a business partner, in logistics and finance in North America.
We also have business in North America of manufacturing and sales of small- and mid-sized construction machinery, the business of online equipment rental platform, as well as sales, financing and rental of the machinery in Japan via ITOCHU TC CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY. We will further expand our business domains by leveraging our existing business around the world.

Industrial Machinery & Electronic Systems

Business Field from “Clothing, Food and Housing” to Electronics & Environment

In addition to the sale of conventional industrial machinery, such as machine tools, food machinery, and textile machinery, we also sell components and equipment, manufacturing systems and various automation systems for such advanced technology fields as secondary batteries, semiconductors and industrial films.

In initiatives to achieve the SDGs, we also support the adoption of technologies and facilities for purposes such as decarbonization, green energy, recycling and disaster prevention.

In products for industrial applications, we also widely promote sales of electronic devices related to 5G, the IoT, AI and DX.

We undertake trading business in various fields in cooperation with our two domestic operating companies, ITOCHU MACHINE-TECHNOS CORPORATION and ITOCHU SysTech Corporation.