Construction Machinery, Industrial Machinery & Healthcare

Construction Machinery

Contributing to the Development of Infrastructure around the World

We engage in the manufacture, trade, and finance of construction and mining machinery in Japan and around the world. We also serve as distribution agents. In Indonesia, we provide finance services to support the sales and machine manufacturing businesses of Hitachi Construction Machinery targeting mining, construction, agriculture, and forestry companies.
In North America, we have successfully moved into the manufacturing field. We manufacture and distribute small-to-medium-size construction machinery and generators under our own brand. Outside North America, we engage in sales of construction machinery and mining machinery in partnership with local distributors.
In Japan, we supply construction equipment, temporary building materials, financing, and rentals through ITOCHU CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY. Going forward, we are launching proactive initiatives in Japan and overseas to expand value chains in fields such as rental equipment, parts, and services.

Industrial Machinery & Electronic Systems

Business Field from “Clothing, Food and Housing” to Electronics & Environment


In addition to the sale of conventional industrial machinery, such as machine tools, food machinery, and textile machinery, we also sell components and equipment, manufacturing systems and various automation systems for such advanced technology fields as secondary batteries, semiconductors and industrial films.

In initiatives to achieve the SDGs, we also support the adoption of technologies and facilities for purposes such as decarbonization, green energy, recycling and disaster prevention.

In products for industrial applications, we also widely promote sales of electronic devices related to 5G, the IoT, AI and DX.

We undertake trading business in various fields in cooperation with our two domestic operating companies, ITOCHU MACHINE-TECHNOS CORPORATION and ITOCHU SysTech Corporation.


Contributing to the society by Providing Medical Devices, Support for Hospital Management, and Others


We operate across a range of medical fields, such as the provision of medical devices to medical institutions, and hospital management support.
To domestic medical institutions, our subsidiary, Century Medical, Inc., provides medical devices and implants, for a broad range of areas in the field of diagnosis and treatment. We also handle other large-scale medical devices such as radiation treatment equipment.
In the area of hospital management, Kobe Medical Care Partners Co., Ltd. provides medical healthcare services to the Kobe City Medical Center General Hospital, as a PFI (Private Finance Initiative)*1 project, in which medical institutions are operated efficiently with partners under the initiative of private-sector companies.

  • *1PFI (private finance initiative): A method of social infrastructure development that entails using private-sector expertise and capital to design, construct, maintain, and operate public facilities as well as providing public services efficiently by having private-sector companies manage them.