Information & Communication Technology

IT Solutions Business

Realizing Our Strengths in a Range of IT Enabled Businesses


Centered on IT solutions, we are extending our business lines to encompass new areas in Internet-related services, green technology, venture capital, and other emerging areas.
In IT solutions businesses, ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation (CTC) is our core company. Since its establishment, CTC has developed partnerships with leading-edge overseas IT companies. Utilizing access to multiple vendors, CTC provides high-value-added products and solutions to a range of different businesses and industries. CTC is concentrating its efforts on increasing sales of services based on data centers, virtualization, and green IT solutions.
In the green technology business, we are targeting the smart buildings and smart utility infrastructure area. We provide various solutions such as energy management services and energy control services with our technological expertise gained through our long history in the IT business.
In Japan, ITOCHU Technology Ventures, Inc., our venture capital business, participates in the development of many IT-related venture firms through the organization and operation of venture funds.

Communication & Mobile

Progressing in Step with the Development of the Mobile Phone Business


From the early 1990s, we recognized the potential of the mobile phone field and approached NTT DOCOMO with a proposal to establish “DOCOMO shops.” Since the opening of the first store in Hachioji, Tokyo, ITOCHU has become the largest agency in the Tokyo metropolitan area for NTT DOCOMO. Positioning CONEXIO Corporation (listed on the First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange) as our core company, we are currently further expanding this business.
In addition, Asurion Japan K.K., an affiliate company of ITOCHU, has been commissioned to operate the Mobile Phone Protection Service provided by NTT DOCOMO. This affiliate is focused on providing value-added aftercare services to increase satisfaction levels among existing users of mobile phones.

Space/Satellite and media

Ensuring global presence as a pioneer of space/satellite and media businesses


ITOCHU has an investment inis financing SKY Perfect JSAT Holdings Inc. through ITOCHU Fuji Partners, Inc., a joint venture co-founded with Fuji Media Holdings, Inc. (FMH). To further expandgrow both the space/satellite business and mediathe charged multi-channel businesses of SKY Perfect JSAT, ITOCHU will continue to provide overall support byfor business expansion, such as the utilizingation of its global footprintnetworks.
Additional activities iIn the space/satellite business domainfield, include ITOCHU’s has entered intoagreed to a the reseller agreement with Orbital Insight, Inc.,., a start-up thaton AI analyzessis of satellite imagery with AI technology., that has the technology analyzing satellites pictures by artificial intelligence. And ITOCHU is considering to expand the technology to the various business areas. In addition, ITOCHU will also intends to play a roleactively in develop the emerging LEO satellites industrybusiness that has attractedwhich is winning the attentions globallyinternationally as the growing business field.
As for activities iIn the area of media business, ITOCHU hasalso an investment inoperates a wide-ranged of entitiesbusiness, with our core group companies aresuch as SPACE SHOWER NETWORKS Inc., that has the largest music TV channel operator in Japan, and ITOCHU Cable System Inc., thea Ssystem Iintegrator offor entities in the videovisual, communication, and audio markets. Most recently, And recently, ITOCHU has been enforcing its position in is entering into the booming marketsrapidly growing business area, such as the the exportings of of Japanese contents to Asia China market, and as well as involvement in new digital media. ITOCHU’s investment infinancing EVERYEvery, Inc. that has the(the operator of ing distributed video media such as “DELISH KITCHEN”, “MAMA DAYS” etc.) is an example of this enforcement.

BPO (Outsourcing)

Provides support for the development of business entities


In 2013, ITOCHU founded Benefit One Asia Pte. Ltd. (BOA) together with Benefit One Inc. (BO), a welfare-service business. BO’s knowledge of operations and ITOCHU’s global networks are effectively used to offer welfare services in Asian countries. The outsourcing business is being promoted to support the development of Asian corporations that aim to acquire capable employees by constructing and operating programs that serve as incentives for employees.
In addition, in 2014, the investment in BELLSYSTEM24, Inc., the industry’s largest player, led ITOCHU into the contact center business. BELLSYSTEM24 engages in the BPO business, which is ready for the omni-channel environment accompanied by the rapid growth of social media, as well as the high-quality call center service. The aim is to upgrade the quality and efficiency of communications in the area of contact with customers and consumers in ITOCHU’s businesses.

Life & Healthcare

Further expands operations in pharmaceutical clinical development and the marketing support service and the health and prophylaxis support service


ITOCHU is promoting efforts from new business/market creation to monetization in the business field of medical care and health that is expected to grow with the advent of an aging society
In response to increase use of outsourcing in the pharmaceutical industry, A2 Healthcare Corp. and IML Corp. provide services to pharmaceuticals, as being contract research organization (CRO) and contract sales organization (CSO), respectively.
In preventive medicine area, Wellness Communications Corp. provides services that facilitate health checkup reservations and handle settlements on behalf of companies and health insurance societies.