Information & Communication Technology

IT Solutions Business

Full support of the Customer’s DX


ITOCHU assists the digital transformation of various customers by making most of its engagement in a wide range of IT related sectors, including but not limited to IT solution, data analysis & utilization, internet services and venture capital investment.

The core of ITOCHU’s IT solution business has always been ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation (CTC), which was privatized in 2023 and is expanding its digital value chain. In recent years however, ITOCHU has expanded its capabilities, through a capital partnership with Sigmaxyz Holdings Inc., a major Japanese consulting firm, and a business partnership with COMTURE CORPORATION, a systems integrator with key strengths in cloud services. Ever since its establishment, CTC has developed strong relationships with leading IT companies worldwide, transforming CTC into a unique multi-vendor that can provide a wide range of products and solutions to an extremely vast market. At the same time, CTC has been concentrating to increase the sales of high value-added cloud-based solutions.

In the data utilization business, in addition to digital transformation (DX) support through WingArc1st Inc., which has strengths in paperless and big data utilization solutions, ITOCHU is also actively driving corporate data utilization through a capital partnership with BrainPad Inc., a provider of corporate data analysis and utilization support, and with GRID INC., which provides optimization solutions leveraging AI technologies.

In the area of Internet-related services, ITOCHU Interactive Corporation provides web site development, operation, and management services. ITOCHU is also expanding into the digital marketing and online advertising / retailing sectors.

In the venture capital business, we invest in some of the world’s largest venture capital funds and support cooperation between startups and the ITOCHU Group and their expansion into Japanese and Asian markets.In Japan, we are involved in the development of startups mainly in the growing area of IT. ITOCHU Technology Ventures, Inc., the company composing and operating venture funds, serves as the core of the development.

Communication & Mobile

Expanding from the mobile business into various fields


ITOCHU recognized the potential of the mobile phone industry from the early 1990s, suggesting that NTT DOCOMO, INC. set up carrier stores, and opening the first DOCOMO Shop in Hachioji, Tokyo. Since then, our mobile business has continued to expand, and are currently seeking to expand it further to include used cell phone sales in 42 countries around the world, and mobile and DX solutions for consumers and corporations.

We have continued to expand our cell phone distribution business, and are currently working to further expand it to include used cell phone sales, mobile phone-related businesses including device financing, and various solutions for corporate customers.

Space/Satellite and media

Ensuring global presence as a pioneer of space/satellite and media businesses


Moreover, as part of our business efforts using low-earth orbit (LEO) satellites, which is garnering attention as a growth area, we have invested in Infostellar Inc. who offer sharing services for ground stations, for which there will likely be a growing demand as the number of satellites increases. We intend to continue to actively pioneer new business opportunities.
In the space / satellite business, as part of its business utilizing earth observation satellites, which are attracting attention as a growth area, ITOCHU will continue to consider expansion into various business areas and actively develop new businesses, such as providing a marine oil leak spill detection service utilizing satellite imaging.
In the media business, we are developing a wide range of media-related businesses, such as through investments in SPACE SHOWER NETWORKS INC., which operates the largest music TV channel in Japan, Rights & Brands Asia Ltd. (RBA), which is aimed at developing content in Asia, and ANYCOLOR Inc., one of the largest VTuber businesses in Japan. We are also providing broadcasting and telecommunications solutions—in Japan, through ITOCHU Cable Systems Corp., a system integrator specializing in video, communications, and audio, and in North America, through Advanced Media Technologies, Inc., a broadcasting equipment distributor, and Avidex Industries LLC, an integrator of audiovisual systems.

BPO (Outsourcing)

Promoting the realization of business transformation by shifting to a market-oriented perspective with an understanding of "customer voices"


Centering on Bellsystem24, Inc., a major company in the contact center industry, we offer a BPO business that supports marketing for client companies using AI and other forms of new technology and voice data as well as support to promote DX (digital transformation).
Moreover, we are promoting at-home contact centers to support diverse work styles and BCP measures, thereby allowing us to offer safer and more secure services.
ITOCHU will seek to maximize the value of communication with customers and consumers in our business as well as to provide new services and solutions.

Medicine and Healthcare Business

Expanding Businesses in Medicine and Healthcare Through Measures Such as Supporting the Clinical Development of Pharmaceutical Products and Providing Medical Devices


As the COVID pandemic triggered an increase in demand related to digital transformation, our businesses in the medical and healthcare domain have been divided into those related to pharmaceuticals and those geared toward medical institutions. Most recently, we have launched medical DX and data-related businesses and are also expanding into the rapidly growing ASEAN region.

(1) Pharmaceutical-related business: As a contract research organization (CRO), A2 Healthcare Corp. provides clinical development support services for the development of pharmaceuticals and medical devices to pharmaceutical companies and others.

(2) Businesses for medical institutions: Century Medical, Inc. provides hospitals in Japan with advanced medical equipment from domestic and international manufacturers.
Kobe Medical Care Partners Co., Ltd. works with partner companies to provide medical peripheral services and facility maintenance management for Kobe City Medical Center General Hospital.

(3) Medical DX and data business: Through a capital partnership with TXP Medical Co., Ltd., we are working toward the digital transformation of emergency medical practices and the use of medical data analysis.

(4) Overseas: In the rapidly growing ASEAN region, we are working to provide medical information through a capital partnership with Docquity Holdings, which operates a physician platform business.