Information & Communication Technology

IT Solutions Business

Demonstrating strengths through support for customers' DX initiatives


ITOCHU encourages its customers to embrace digitalization and DX especially in its IT solutions business but also generally across a wide range of fields including its data utilization, Internet services and venture capital businesses.
In IT solutions businesses, ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation (CTC) is our core company. Since its establishment, CTC has developed partnerships with leading-edge overseas IT companies. Utilizing access to multiple vendors, CTC provides products and solutions to a range of different businesses and industries. In recent years, CTC has been concentrating its efforts on increasing sales of high value-added cloud-based solutions.
In the data utilization business, ITOCHU is expanding operations to include not only digitalization support provided by Wingarc1st Inc., which specializes in solutions for going paperless and using big data, but also the provision of consulting services, support for analysis and utilization of corporate data.
In the area of Internet-related services, ITOCHU Interactive Corporation provides web site development, operation, and management services. We are also expanding into the digital marketing, online advertising and non-store retailing space businesses.
In the venture capital business, we are involved in the development of many venture enterprises through venture investment activities in Japan and overseas, including the establishment and investment of venture funds by ITOCHU Technology Ventures, Inc.

Communication & Mobile

Keeping step with advances in the mobile business


From the early 1990s, we recognized the potential of the mobile phone field and approached NTT DOCOMO with a proposal to establish DOCOMO shops, opening the first store in Hachioji, Tokyo. Since then, ITOCHU has continued to expand the mobile phone distribution business and, positioning CONEXIO Corporation (listed on the First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange), now a major mobile phone sales agency, as a core company, we are currently seeking to further expand the business through initiatives such as the provision of mobile solutions and IoT solutions to corporations and the provision of prepaid cards to FamilyMart.

Space/Satellite and media

Ensuring global presence as a pioneer of space/satellite and media businesses


ITOCHU is an investor in SKY Perfect JSAT Holdings Inc. through ITOCHU Fuji Partners, Inc., a joint venture co-founded with Fuji Media Holdings, Inc. (FMH). To further grow both the space and media businesses of SKY Perfect JSAT, ITOCHU will continue to provide support for business expansion through utilization of its global network.
In the space/satellite business, ITOCHU has entered into a reseller agreement with Orbital Insight, Inc., which analyzes satellite imagery with AI technology, and is considering branching out into various business domains. ITOCHU also intends to actively focus on business utilizing Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites, which are attracting attention globally as a growing field.
As for the media business, ITOCHU is involved in a wide range of media-related business, with core group companies such as SPACE SHOWER NETWORKS Inc., which operates the largest music TV channel in Japan, and ITOCHU Cable System Inc., a system integrator specializing in video, communication and sound. ITOCHU also enters fast growing business domains, mostly recently expanding the licensing business in Asia and investing in Ichikara Inc., which runs one of Japan's largest Virtual YouTuber projects.

BPO (Outsourcing)

Supporting enterprises with management issues to make improvements


ITOCHU not only provides high-quality call center services, with BELLSYSTEM24, Inc. as the core company, but also provides BPO services which support clients in implementing digital transformation (DX) through the use of new technologies such as AI and the IoT. In its BPO business activities, ITOCHU seeks to maximize the value of communication with customers and consumers and to provide new services and solutions.

Life & Healthcare

Further expands operations in pharmaceutical clinical development and the marketing support service and the health and prophylaxis support service


ITOCHU is pushing ahead with the startup of new businesses utilizing IT and data and investments in the medical and healthcare domain to meet growing needs for digitalization and DX due to the COVID crisis.
In response to increase use of outsourcing in the pharmaceutical industry, A2 Healthcare Corp. and IML Corp. provide services to pharmaceuticals, as being contract research organization (CRO) and contract sales organization (CSO), respectively.
In the healthcare field, Wellness Communications Corporation, which is an affiliate of ITOCHU, is expanding the medical checkup support business and health data cloud computing business for enterprises and insurers. We also achieved entry to the business of providing medical information in the ASEAN region through a capital and business alliance with Docquity Holdings, an operator of a specialized social media network for healthcare professionals, and most recently, we strengthened our investment in the healthcare IT business, with investment in iLAC Inc., a genome analysis start-up.